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LAS VEGAS Stag Do Weekend

Ah, so you're ready to come to Las Vegas for your stag weekend? But is Vegas ready for you? Las Vegas, aka Sin City, has been the jumping point of some of the craziest weekends known to mankind. There is a lot that can happen in a city that put its name on the map because of mobsters, casinos, strippers, and just plain, crazy, ridiculous fun.

Stag Night

Spend your Stag night in style. Don't mess around with fitting 11 guys into taxis. Do it right. Ride together in a stretch limousine. You've got several to choose from when you cruise with Vegas VIP Services. Do you want a stretch SUV or a stretch Hummer limousine? Why not upgrade to a Party Bus? Throw in some alcohol, some music, some babes – and you've got your very own party on wheels. Cruise up and down the Strip. What a great way to kick off your Stag Party Weekend.

Have a "last supper" with the guys. You can make a production of it if you like, complete with clinking your fork on your beer mug and proposing a toast. Just enjoy your time together. Who knows when the next time you all will get together again – especially because one of you is getting hitched soon.

And then there are the Strip Clubs. The most gorgeous women in the country fly to Las Vegas to strip for the weekend. And many of them have interesting stories about working their way through school. Listen to the girls. See how many pre-med students you can find in one topless bar. But oh wow you should enjoy the beautiful scenery. Soak it up. You don't see women like this every day. Maybe you can find one who wants to play doctor.

stag clubs in Las Vegas

Vegas Bulls Night

Oh and the nightclubs – do it right. Live it up. Get some VIP bottle service at the table. Have your own personal cocktail waitress pour you another vodka tonic when your glass needs to be topped off. Don't elbow your way through the long line at the bar. Have your own personal space. Meet a couple ladies on the dance floor and invite them back to your table for a drink. Every lady loves to chill in the VIP section. Las Vegas has some of the world's hottest clubs with the best ambiance such as XS, TAO and others. Just sit back and take it all in.

And don't forget all of the other fun things to do in Las Vegas – such as blow your life savings at the Craps table, or wed a stranger at 4am, or pawn your jewelry, or drive to the next county over where prostitution is legal. Las Vegas is a giant adventure. Live it.

Call or email Vegas VIP Services to plan your ultimate stag weekend.

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Sexy Time !

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Hangover for Guys

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Bachelor Party

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  • TAO Nightclub Bottle Service
  • Sapphire Strip Club VIP Entry
  • All Inclusive
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