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At some point in history, Halloween turned into a day of celebration for children. The act of getting dressed up and slinking from house to house in search of the neighborhood's best candy has completely overtaken any adult themes that the holiday once carried. Though the ghouls and ghosts may have taken a backseat as of recently, it's not too late for the adults to reclaim this holiday of horror – and Las Vegas is the best city for this takeover to start. While you're busy putting together your child's costume, plan one for yourself in the back of your mind. From this moment on, it's time for the adults to get the most out of Halloween.

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In 1995, one couple threw a Halloween party that rivaled even the most catered affairs. Year after year, the guest list grew vaster, requiring a larger venue space and more entertainment. Nowadays in Las Vegas, there are few people who haven't attended the annual Fetish and Fantasy Ball – and you don't want to be one of those few. The Fetish and Fantasy Ball is the largest Halloween party to rock Sin City, and the guest list in the tens of thousands is proof of that. Amongst the Ball's typical fair of fetish freaks and the undead, special guest musicians and theatrical performances grace this party and create an unparalleled experience. If you would consider yourself a prude, than the typical bondage inspired costumes of this party may be a bit too much for you. The Fetish and Fantasy Ball is certainly not for the faint of heart, as you can expect the unexpected around every corner.

To aid in infusing a little adulthood into Halloween, various nightclubs in Las Vegas put out their best effort to create a spooky party environment to kick off the holiday. Amongst the usual fair are top clubs like Tao who all throw their own twisted version of a Halloween party. Special guest celebrities like Ludacris, Snooki, and Marilyn Manson have been known to grace these events and partake in Costume Contest judging. At these events, costume contests can award anything from rounds of alcohol to large monetary awards. Even if you know you wouldn't win any contest, be sure to bring a costume as masked individuals may also be entitled to a limited open bar.

Each year, women and men alike flock to the numerous Halloween retailers that spring up in September. From witches to werewolves, these same people typically gather in costume at family functions or use their disguise to walk their children through the neighborhood. If you're in Las Vegas, wasting a perfectly good Halloween costume on either of those two dull occasions is the greatest sin. This Halloween, don your scariest get-up and let Vegas VIP Services find you the perfect party for your ghoulish night out.

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