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Planning a trip to Sin City? Be sure to check out the features of our Ultimate Vegas Nightlife Guide. We'll provide you with the inside tips on several facets of Vegas life. Get an overview of the city layout, learn how to spot a hooker, how to play craps, how to select a nightclub, and how to select the proper bills from your wallet to tip your waitress. Our Ultimate Vegas Nightlife Guide has it all. Come to Vegas prepared.

The first thing you'll notice upon your arrival to Las Vegas is that a bulk of the entertainment is laid out on one long stretch of road - also known as "The Strip". When planning your vacation, you'll certainly want to stay on - or within walking distance - of Las Vegas Boulevard. If you decide to go with a lesser known hotel to save on price, be sure to check its location - while it may be on Las Vegas Boulevard, the road is long enough to span from extremely dark and seedy areas to brightly lit, tourist attractions. Interwoven in these seedy areas, though, are some must-see locals like Freemont Street (or Old Las Vegas), so make sure to brave the "creepier" areas of Sin City at least one night. If you decide to stay on the strip but happen to choose a hotel on the outskirts of the city (think Mandalay Bay or Circus Circus), don't be fooled by the close-knit look the city took on from the airplane's window. Trying to walk from a location like Mandalay Bay to, say, Caesar's Palace will take up most of your energy (and time) that you set aside for flirting and mingling.

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Planning (aka Stag Night / Stagette Weekend) Since you've probably settled in by now, it's time to plan the reason you came to Vegas - the Bachelor / Bachelorette party. Since you'll want to show your Groom or Bride-To-Be the best time you can, a lot needs to go into this night. Whether you're courting a bachelor or bachelorette, you'll want them to ride in style. Limousine services make travel throughout the city seamless and extremely easy. Being able to bypass parking garages and getting dropped off right outside the venue add an element of "VIP status" to the night. Since you came to the party capital of the nation, you're going to be hard pressed to not throw the perfect stag / stagette party. Where gender ends up mattering is in the late night, adult activities. A group of frisky bachelors can find themselves in the VIP booth of one of Vegas' hottest strip clubs (like Sapphire) while a gaggle of hens can learn the tricks of the trade at any of Sin City's Stripper 101 classes. For a more subdued party, brides-to-be can experience a Vegas bridal shower in any of the hotel's banquet halls. A trip to the hotel's event planner is all it takes to plan the perfect send-off.

What is Bottle Service?

Now that you've got the art of tipping down pat, there are some services offered in Las Vegas that every visitor should be made aware of. If you've ever passed by a Las Vegas club on a saturday night, chances are you've witnessed the long, snaking line that starts from the nightclub's guarded entrance. In the back of your mind, you're dreading the fact that at some point during your trip you're going to be one of those lemmings - unless you make use of any of the many VIP and Bottle services available to you. Essentially, making use of a VIP or Bottle service guarantees you streamlined access to the club along with a set round of drinks (or, if you're willing to pay a bit more, access to a timed open bar). If you're one to want a VIP service at a strip club, you can also expect to be granted a private room with a limited number of lap dances.

Vegas nightlife fun Vegas nightlife fun

Vegas Cheap and Free

While you're sight seeing through town, you may be wondering what sort of free entertainment Las Vegas offers. For a city that seems to thrive on expensive fare, you'll be surprised at the abundance of free attractions. A walk (or drive) down the long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard will take you past some of Sin City's most well known attractions - and none of them will dip into your wallet. Seen in numerous movies (and probably known as Vegas' best known attraction) is the Bellagio Water Fountain. Accompanying a mixed soundtrack of music ranging anything from Celine Dion to Elvis Presley, the power fountain shoots streams of water hundreds of feet into the air in tune to the playing song. Down the road from the Bellagio's fountain, you can gaze in amazement at the roadside Volcano stationed outside the Mirage Hotel and Casino or witness a more risqué show of feuding pirates at Treasure Island. If you're looking to get off the street, the MGM Grande gives you an up close and personal look at a habitat of lions and lionesses. An amazement of animal habitats can also be fulfilled at the Mirage, where a giant tropical aquarium acts as the backdrop to the hotel lobby, or at the Flamingo, where an actual outdoor flamingo habitat is open for guests to stroll through.

Your Guide to Tipping

During your trek through Las Vegas you're going to realize that the more services you use, the more money you're going to dish out in one night. If you quick think of all the working individuals you're going to come into contact with, you'll come to the understanding that the upfront fees aren't the only cash that's needed. From limousine and valet services to the nice girl on stage tossing her skivvies at you, it's easy to loose track of who should and shouldn't be tipped. A simple reminder is to prepare yourself to tip any person that performs some form of service. Cocktail waitresses, restaurant waiters, and the hotel maid-staff and concierge may be amongst the most obvious - but what about a nightclub VIP host, who will essentially ensure you have the best night possible at their venue, or the poor individual that gets to rub down every inch of your body (in a completely non-sexual way) just to prepare you for your night of fun. It's important to remember to tip - especially if you plan on becoming a return costumer.

Nightclubs 101

When it comes to the term "nightlife", few locations embody it as well as good 'ole Sin City. With the abundance of high end nightclubs and 24 hour casino floors, it's no wonder that Las Vegas, NV could be top billing as the "nightlife capital of the world". If you've never made a trip out to the City of Lights, than it's best to either carry (or have previously studied) a handy "how to" guide to the city. Luckily for you, if you're reading this than you're already equipped with said guide.

Las Vegas clubs Las Vegas clubs

Pool Parties

If you are planning to come Vegas during the hot summer, the pool party is a must, check out TAO Beach, Encore Beach club or Marquee Dayclub.

Strippers, Hookers, Escorts

Many individuals that travel to Las Vegas come with the hopes of scoring a one night stand with any of the city's dutiful escort girls. The problem here-in lies in the fact that prostitution, in any form, is illegal in Sin City. While of course it's possible to partake in the act without getting caught, it's best to take a "hands-off" approach and make use of the many strip clubs lined throughout the town. While a lap dance may not satisfy your every desire, it'll keep you out of the hands of the law.

New Year's Eve

Of the many reasons to come to Las Vegas, partying is probably at the top of the list. Due to its large party-base, a night like New Years Eve in Las Vegas is something more along the lines of an experience. The crowds of people lining Las Vegas Boulevard and the numerous "hoots" coming from many of the city's high-rise clubs only help to create the perfect atmosphere to bring in the New Year. Each year, it's a guarantee that the night will go off with a bang as most of the major properties set off a round of fireworks from their rooftops. The mix of excitement flowing through the city and the light show in the sky all work together to create the perfect New Year's Eve experience.