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LAS VEGAS Bottle Service

It simply refers to the practice of buying in bulk at a nightclub. Rather than walking to the bar and ordering individual drinks, you order an entire bottle of alcohol delivered to your table. It includes juice and soda mixers as well as typical garnishes. Red bull is available at an additional charge. Your table will be assigned a cocktail server to wait on you throughout the night, she'll pour your mixed drinks, clear the area, and bring more liquor as necessary.

bottles and table reservations go hand-in-hand. If you'd like a table for the evening, you will need to purchase alcohol. The number of bottles you must buy depends on the number of people in your party and the ratio of guys-to-girls.

Last Supper

Last Supper

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  • VIP Entry to Nightclub
  • VIP Entry to Strip Club
  • No Line, No Cover
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Las Vegas nightclubs are often packed – especially on the weekends. It may be difficult to elbow your way up to the bar, hook the bartender's attention, and get yourself a drink. Once you have a drink, there's no where to sit down and enjoy it, as all the seating in the clubs is reserved for those who purchase a VIP table.

Tables are nice in a busy club, especially for large groups. It's convenient to have a home base – somewhere to find the other members of your party. And if you meet someone on the dance floor who you want to spend more time with, it is good to have a place to bring her. "Would you like to have a drink at my table?" is a pretty good line.

VIP tables area

VIP Table

Nightclubs have areas for those who enter through the general admission and special areas designated for those who pay a premium for VIP table service. The general admission areas can be incredibly full. In fact, sometimes the VIP areas are pretty full. But if you have a table, you've got a nice, relaxing haven inside the busiest and most popular venues. Tables in nightclubs are typically behind velvet ropes, reserved in the VIP section.

What is VIP Host For?

The VIP Hosts at Vegas VIP Services have established relationships with the clubs in Las Vegas and will escort your party through the velvet ropes. They'll bypass the long lines and handle all of the appropriate tipping to ensure your evening runs flawlessly. Call Vegas VIP Services today at +1 (702) 933-8997 to book your nightlife for your upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

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