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new years eve fireworks las vegas

LAS VEGAS New Years Eve 2022 2023

If there is a sadder sight than somebody sitting alone in a bar waiting for the coveted count down to the next year, it's that same person sitting at home watching reruns of the Twilight Zone for the fifth year in a row while indulging in a large bag of Cheetos. If you've ever been this person, than you know that ringing in the New Year alone is no fun task to partake in. As exciting as watching an endless marathon of shows that have rerun for the past decade may seem, if you're living in Vegas, you need to make use of what the city has to offer. So, for this Las Vegas New Years Eve, you're going to get off your butt, get your friends together, and let a business like Vegas VIP Services create the perfect experience for you.

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If you've ever seen what New Years Eve looks like in Times Square, you can expect Las Vegas Boulevard to be almost as crowded. There are so many people that get stuck walking along the strip with nowhere to go because they didn't plan on the crowd being as big as it is. During the New Years Eve Las Vegas 2023 celebration, Las Vegas shuts down the entirety of the Strip along Las Vegas Boulevard, turning the large street into the biggest party in the city. While you could certainly have a great time just being amidst the mass of drunken lunatics on the street, chances are you'll want to be in a centralized location – typically one that serves food and beverages and has a immediate access to a bathroom. In terms of the Strip's nightclubs and restaurants, getting into one without some form of reservation or without your name being on a list is going to end up turning the night into a huge waiting game. Before you end up getting you and your friends stuck doing something that near ruins the night, start making plans as soon as possible. To simplify the planning process, turn to Vegas VIP Services, where you'll have the opportunity to build a customized package that could include reservations at a five-star restaurant and VIP entry to one of Sin City's coveted nightclubs.

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Choosing which nightclub you want to spend your night at should be thought out carefully. If you have a favorite club in mind, be wary of the fact that the cover charge you usually pay may seem to have jumped up quite a bit. Like any well-rounded business, these nightclubs are well aware of the fact that people will pay extra during special occasions just to have somewhere to go. If you don't have a favorite club in mind, than take into consideration one thing when choosing your venue of choice – location. While Las Vegas may not have the same setup as Times Square, the outdoor celebration at midnight is still something that must be seen. Due to this, you want to make sure you don't cram yourself into a club that has no sizeable outside terrace or large viewing area. One of the best clubs to experience the celebration is the Rio's Voodoo Lounge, which rests on the roof of the 50th floor. The completely open-air club gives the perfect view of the Las Vegas Strip as well as much of the Las Vegas Valley. From this height, you'll be experiencing a plethora of fireworks coming in at all angles - most of which are set off on the roofs of casinos like the MGM and the Mirage. If you're not into witnessing all that celebration, or want a more natural view to celebrate the New Year with, many of Las Vegas' strip clubs hold celebrations of their own. Little else says "ringing in the new year" like ogling the curvaceous, nude figure of many of Sin City's beauties – not to mention a midnight lap dance will surely be the perfect start to the New Year 2023. Much like the nightclubs, most of the local strip clubs (especially higher end ones like the Hustler Club and Sapphire) will be jam packed and may require prior reservations.

So, now that you have your club of choice, you can return to Vegas VIP Services to continue building your package. The next thing you'll need to decide is whether you want to guarantee you and your group a VIP table with access to some of the club's premium liquor, or if you're all comfortable mingling with the hefty crowd an receiving some champagne for a midnight toast. No matter your choice, Vegas VIP Services will work hard to ensure they meet all of your requests and provide you a deal that will blow the club's typical cover charge out of the sky. You and your crew will also ride in style, as your package of choice will come with full limousine service to your local of choice.

Las Vegas new years eve 2023

New Year's Eve 2023 PACKAGES & PLANNING

If you're not into the club scene, than you could just as easily enjoy the night wining and dining in many of the high-class restaurants found in some of Sin City's classiest casinos. If you're simply spending your night in your casino of choice, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any special events the hotel may have going on. Random giveaways and cash prizes typically occur throughout the night, ensuring that even those not involved in some secluded party get to make the most of their holiday night out.

If you haven't gotten the gist of the warning yet, here it is in plain writing – Las Vegas is a proverbial madhouse during New Years Eve 2023. Most hotels sell out of rooms before the first month of the previous year is even over, so you'll need to act fast if you're traveling in from out of town. Nightclubs are jam packed as they offer the perfect place for singles to mingle, and five-star restaurants run out of reservations quick for those couples looking for an intimate night. To get the most out of your Las Vegas New Years, you'll want to act fast, even if you just plan on strolling along the stretch Las Vegas Boulevard.

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