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Memorial Day Weekend Las Vegas


The weather is getting warm; the nights are getting longer; and people are getting a lot tanner. For those on a bulk of the western hemisphere, these are sure signs that winter has long since faded into spring, and spring is slowly giving way to summer. In most parts of the United States, though, the biggest indication that summer is right around the corner is that last Monday in May – Memorial Day. While Vegas Memorial Day is known for its barbeques and poolside partying, a city built on the nightlife may go about things a bit differently. In Las Vegas, the best time to celebrate 2023 Memorial Day is at night, when the city is at its brightest.

MDW 2023 Events & Parties

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Save the BBQ for any Normal Day:

Memorial Day 2023 may signify the first day of the Barbeque season, but living in Vegas practically guarantees over a dozen other nice weekends to break out the grill and whip up some steaks. Why spend your holiday slaving over a hot grill for other people when you can be out with the same people, enjoying a night of real partying? Sin City's nightlife is a continuous heated affair, but when you throw in a holiday weekend, things get all the more hot.

Be a VIP on Memorial Day Weekend

There is really only one way to fully enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife experience, and that's by being a VIP. Don't take time for granted and make sure you book your VIP experience for Memorial Day weekend as soon as possible. Reservations fill up quickly, especially with the large crowd of tourists that's bound to show up during the holiday weekend. Something like a premium bottle service may not be cheap, but the experience is well worth it in the end.

Keep Your Ears Peeled for Special Events:

Locations like Freemont Street and several nightclubs are bound to be celebrating this weekend along with the cities inhabitants. Keep on the lookout for free shows, such as the Rock of Vegas concert series on Freemont Street, which kicks off Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to get your tickets early for the annual Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, which proves to be a continuously packed event for the festivals 13 year run. Even nightclubs jump on the holiday bandwagon with special guest DJs, drink specials, and an overall high energy good time.

Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with Vegas' Finest:

Memorialize America's troops in the best way possible – by going to a strip club. Beautiful women, a plethora of alcohol, and good company are just a select few of the many freedoms our troops are fighting for, so why not use these activities as a salute to those troops. Strip clubs across the strip are bound to bring out their best girls to attract the massive nightlife crowd that will emerge on Memorial Day weekend 2023. While the cover charge may be slightly more, you may catch a glimpse at some unbeatable drink specials.

Start organizing your Memorial Day trip out to Vegas now. The city may be fairly large, but it can get rather crowded – especially on a holiday weekend..

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