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3344 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109
24h - 7 days a week
+1 (702) 933-8997


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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club

There are certain things you want out a successful strip club: Hot women, a great atmosphere, and plenty of alcohol to guzzle down. What most may overlook, though, is the club's name. At the Spearmint Rhino, the name may not be too indicative of what you should be in store for, but the unusual moniker may be the reason people initially venture inside the club - a decision none have yet regretted.

Right off the bat, you need to go into the Spearmint Rhino with the knowledge that the girl's at this strip club are not rhinoceros' - in fact, they're far from it. Each girl looks to have been hand selected from a line-up of Sin City's hottest ladies, as each dancer is just as hot (or hotter) than the last. At the club's main stage, you'll be up close and personal with someone that you're just bound to want to bring home to your mother. Shapely bodies, smooth-looking skin, and a perfect set of ornaments will keep you mesmerized throughout the night.

Beyond the women, if you happen to ever get that far, Spearmint Rhino houses three separate bars, each one taking residence in the club's three differing rooms. With your alcoholic beverage tight in hand, you can experience the spacious tipping stage at the center of the main room, two smaller go-go stages in the next, and a second tipping stage the last room. The bars in each area come fully stocked with top shelf liquors and beers and make for the perfect stop off throughout the night.

Spearmint Rhino

Like any strip club, Rhino offers an area for any guest to partake in a late night private affair in one of several, extremely comfortable VIP lounges. Here, you can enjoy some of the finer perks of the club, including a private show from the dancer of your choice. Behind closed curtains, experience the pinnacle of fine entertainment as one of Rhino's gorgeous gals ensures you get the best view of her every asset.

Of course, this venue didn't earn the title "club" by offering a subdued environment. In true Las Vegas fashion, this 18,000-square-foot space is kept alive by a continuous stream of classic rock, house, and hip-hop tunes. The continuous music will not only give you something to move to in your seat, but will also provide a beat for the club's dancers to move to. There's little sexier than a half-naked, drop-dead-gorgeous vixen moving to the beat of your musical favorites.

Though there are a vast assortment of strip clubs within the city limits of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Valley, Spearmint Rhino is at the top of the "must see" venues. Gorgeous and curvaceous women, flowing alcohol, and a friendly atmosphere all mingle perfectly to create a comfortably exciting environment to do something "sinful"

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Spearmint Rhino Strip Club 4.5 out of 5.0 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews

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Spearmint Rhino review
hot but spoiled girls !
Spearmint Rhino Strip Club has the best looking girls, no doubt but, I had hard time finding a girl to give me lap dance, they got all greedy, they would only want to take you to VIP room which is way above my budget. I understand they want to make money but 20 bucks a lap dance is not bad income for 5 minutes of work :(
Spearmint Rhino review
best strip club in Vegas
Have you heard the song lyrics: "I fell in love with a stripper...?" We're pretty certain they're referring to one of the many gorgeous ladies at Spearmint Rhino. Local newspapers constantly vote the Rhino as the best strip club in Vegas. The club was also selected as the "Best Reason to be a Man in Las Vegas." It's a great spot. Any time of the day or night, you're going to be surrounded by beautiful babes.
Spearmint Rhino review
Enjoy a private dance
The 20,000+ square-foot Spearmint Rhino features several tipping stages. The main room features a very large tipping stage in the center; the secondary room has two smaller dancer stages and a sit-down tipping stage. And alcohol flow is highly encouraged at the Rhino – plenty of fully stocked bars. Enjoy a private dance on the main floor or utilize one of the private VIP lounges or even a curtain-enclosed cabana. It's up to you – do you want to be the center of attention or draw the curtains closed for a more private affair? Regardless of how you elect to spend your evening at the Rhino, you're going to be floored by how gorgeous the women are.