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Signs of Being Hungover


After a wild day or night of heavy partying, you might come down with an old-fashioned hangover. While signs of being hung over can vary from person to person, common symptoms include a throbbing headache, extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, an inability to focus, sensitivity to light and sound, dry mouth and thirst, muscle aches, shakiness, and an overwhelming desire never to touch alcohol again (at least until you sober up and start feeling better)!

A Cure for the Common Hangover


Hangovers – the bane of every over-imbiber's existence! The best cure for a hangover is staying hydrated, but for those times when water just won't cut it, there's a magical elixir known as IV Therapy that will have you feeling better in no time. Forget the greasy food and the hair of the dog remedies; a little IV drip of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes is all you need to bounce back from a night of overindulgence. Cheers to never suffering through an annoying hangover again!

How to Avoid a Hangover


Obviously, the best way to avoid a hangover is not to drink, but what fun is that, especially when you're in the party capital of the world! Here are some simple yet effective tips on how to avoid a hangover, but remember, the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink responsibly and in moderation. First, hydrate before, during, and after drinking. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates your body, so staying hydrated can't prevent that throbbing headache often associated with hangovers. Be sure to pace yourself. Don't go shot for shot with your friend who can outdrink a sailor. If you sip slowly, it will give your liver a chance to keep up with processing the alcohol, and if you take breaks in between drinks, you will be able to gauge how you're feeling. Before boozing it up, be sure to eat. A full stomach can help slow down the absorption of alcohol, giving your body more time to metabolize it. When choosing your drinks, opt for lighter-colored alcohol like vodka and gin. Darker alcohols like red wine and whiskey tend to have more congeners, which are substances that can make a hangover worse. Also, avoid mixing different types of alcohol. Taking vitamins and supplements like B-complex vitamins, magnesium, and electrolytes can help reduce the severity of hangover symptoms.

Hangover Remedies


We all know hangovers are no joke, but there are several ways to help alleviate those nasty symptoms and get you back on your feet. Hydration is key. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it causes your body to lose more water than usual, so you must replenish your fluids by drinking water throughout the day. Try Pedialyte or sports drinks like Gatorade. These drinks are packed with electrolytes, which can help restore your body's balance of fluids and minerals. If you're dealing with a pounding headache and muscle aches, ibuprofen can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Eating a meal that's high in carbohydrates can help replenish your energy levels and stabilize your blood sugar.

But if you want to get rid of your hangover super-fast so you can get back in the game, skip the whole waiting around for your body to recover naturally thing and opt for our in-room IV Therapy. Our specially formulated IV drip is designed to deliver a mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fluids quickly, efficiently, and conveniently directly into your bloodstream, giving you a much-needed boost of energy and hydration. You can thank me later!


Las Vegas Bachelor Packages


Las Vegas, the city where dreams come true, inhibitions are left at the door, and bachelor parties reign supreme. If you find yourself headed to the land of neon lights and 24/7 entertainment to celebrate the impending nuptials of your best buddy, then congratulations, you've already made a wise choice. But when it comes to planning a bachelor party in Sin City, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Every group of guys is different with their own unique preferences and tastes. At Vegas VIP Services, we have a few key ingredients that are essential for creating a truly epic bachelor bash or a stag party. Our team of professional party planners can help you create unforgettable memories by bundling one of all-inclusive packages with a Las Vegas nightclub, a Las Vegas strip club, a pool party, stripper party buses with a Las Vegas stripper or two, Atomic Golf, VIP bottle service, dune buggies, limos and more.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Packages


Calling all the hen parties and budget bachelorette parties, Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground, offering endless opportunities for fun, excitement, relaxation, and making unforgettable memories. From the glitzy casinos to the glamorous entertainment, Las Vegas has everything a bride and her squad needs for a last fling before the ring celebration. We specialize in Las Vegas Bachelorette parties and Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages. We can help you create memories of a lifetime by bundling a nightclub or Vegas pool party with a Drag brunch, a Las Vegas male revue, all-you-can-drink and eat dinners, bottle service, a pink hummer limo, a spa day, a shopping excursion, a pool package, pole dancing lessons, a male strip club, and more.

Brian Pfeiffer on Cures for a Hangover


So, you've been partying hard in Sin City, and now you're paying the price with the hangover from Hell. If you don't want to spend the rest of your Vegas vacation in bed or on the bathroom floor, forget about all those weird remedies and so-called cures that your friends swear by because nothing works faster or more effectively than our IV Therapy. In about 30 minutes, you'll go from feeling like a hungover zombie to feeling like the life of the party. You might want to book in advance; your future self will thank you!

If you want an alternative to the Las Vegas pool party, nightclub, or strip club, we have extreme packages such as skydiving skydiving, machine gun shooting, and supercar racing. We are experts at creating fun! Call us today and let us help you plan your entire Vegas visit. Guys, consider hiring some Atmosphere models or Vegas girls to enhance your Vegas nightlife experience!

Some other options for entry to pools and clubs include the pool crawl, cheap bottle packages, the Las Vegas guestlistwith a Las Vegas Promoter, Vegas club tickets, or a bar card all are good options for one or two events.

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