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Is Prostitution Legal or Not?

Many eager tourists come to Las Vegas slightly misinformed on the issue of prostitution. Here's the deal: Nevada state law allows prostitution in counties with populations under 400,000. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state, with well over 400,000 inhabitants, so prostitution is officially off limits. Pahrump is in a neighboring county, about an hour outside Las Vegas, and there you will find licensed brothels filled with working girls tested weekly for STDs. You don't have to drive all the way to Pahrump to spot a hooker though. Law or no law, hookers are all over Las Vegas. Play the video game below to see how good you are at spotting the hookers.

Play our "FIND THE HOOKERS" game:

What's the Difference Between a Hooker and an Escort?

How'd you fare on the game? Basically, the casino hookers are the girls sitting alone at the bar or dressed sexy playing penny slot machines. They are mildly interested in their machines, using it as something to kill time as they people watch (customer hunt). If they've lost all their money in the machine or don't have a predilection to gambling, they may also be sitting alone, text messaging on their cell phones.

There are also escorts featured in the game above. Escorts are hookers too, but they are typically better looking. Men pay for their company for the evening – wine them, dine them, parade them around – before taking them back to the room. These girls are easy to spot as they're super hot and are typically sitting with older men. At the table games, the guys will be betting large denominations (black $100, purple $500, yellow $1000) and their girls will be given a much smaller chip allowance ($25 green). The smarter girls will tuck some of these chips into their purses while they play. They know their John will replenish their dwindling stacks throughout the night.

Some escorts are escorts for the night. The Las Vegas Yellow Pages offers dozens of escort services under the "Entertainment" heading and every bellman and taxi driver in town knows just who to call if you ask. Other escorts are in it for the long haul. They've met their John somewhere and have moved in, maybe even married the guy.

Every game needs its trick question, so the last type of hooker featured in the game above is much more subtle. Did you notice the cocktail waitress serving a customer a drink while brushing her breasts against him? She's allowing him to experience her cleavage, expecting a bigger tip from him. Cocktail waitresses work hard for their money – it isn't easy spending 8 hours a day, 5 days a week parading around half naked in 2 inch heels – but sometimes some girls take shortcuts.

Did a Family of Mexicans Just Hand Me a Brochure for 'Strippers Direct to You?'

You see them on the Strip – predominantly in the heavily trafficked pedestrian zone around Harrah's and Imperial Palace. They're wearing neon colored shirts passing out brochures for strippers. They have a system down – they make strange noises with their mouths and with the fliers to get your attention. Then they hand you a brochure. Sometimes you can see a row of family members of various ages passing out these fliers to all who walk by.

vegas stripper Beautiful dancer in Las Vegas

Mobile Billboards

There are also slow moving vehicles driving continuously down Las Vegas Blvd for the sole purpose of advertisement. They look like tractor trailers, but their bed is thin and is simply a billboard. They're typically driving 5 mph below the speed limit and 15 mph below the flow of traffic.

One strip club desperate for business experimented with a live mobile billboard. Basically, they took a tractor trailer, fitted it with see-through glass windows, and threw some strippers and a stripper pole in the middle. The mobile billboard paraded up and down the Strip and eventually the strip club owners were issued a citation and fined.

Why Are There So Many 24-Hour Massage Establishments?

If you want to get a massage in Las Vegas, there are some world-class spa facilities. If you want to go to a 24-hour massage establishment without a world-class reputation, those facilities are available as well. Most are located near Chinatown on Spring Mountain.

Why are Some Strip Clubs Full Nude and Others Topless?

Las Vegas strip clubs typically serve alcohol and strippers remove their clothes down to a g-string. Some clubs are full nude, but those establishments are prohibited from serving alcohol. Most strip clubs have decided they like the money they earn from selling their expensive drinks, so they opt to be topless establishments rather than full nude.

The one exception is the Palomino Club, built in 1969 by the Paul Perry family in North Las Vegas. It was a licensed establishment before the law was established prohibiting the commingling of full nudity and liquor. Therefore, the Palomino Club is grandfathered in, serving alcohol and featuring nude strippers.

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What is a Swingers' Club?

Yes, there are public places where strangers unite to have sex with one another in front of an audience. The most popular swingers clubs are The Green Door and The Red Rooster. They sit side-by-side in a seedy strip mall that consists of a hockey rink, a church, a movie theatre, and several Asian restaurants. The complex is on Sahara, east of Maryland Parkway. Ladies get free entrance, and in fact if ladies simply walk past the building, employees will try to lure them in, offering a free tour showcasing all sorts of cheesy, kinky sets. If you enter one of these establishments, you're sure to find a lot of men hanging around hoping to see some women have sex.