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Independent Hosts and Promotors Las Vegas


In the competitive day life and nightlife scene in Las Vegas, two main entities play a crucial role in driving people into the clubs – Independent Hosts and Promotors. Both play a vital role, but there are distinct differences between the two that are important to understand.

Independent Hosts like us at Vegas VIP Services leverage our reputation and personal connections to attract guests to the club. We have a loyal following and are able to draw in a crowd based on our influence, network, and customer-service-driven approach. We are involved in securing VIP entry, bottle service, all-inclusive packages, and other perks for the guests. We can book at every club in town. Promoters can only book at the clubs they work for, and their primary focus is on maximizing ticket sales and generating revenue.

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Independent Hosts Verses Promoters


There is little difference between an Independent Host and a Promotor at most clubs in other cities, but in Vegas, there is a difference between the two.

• Independent Hosts book business for the clubs and work on a commission percentage. They play a vital role in driving customers to the clubs by leveraging their social networks, industry connections, and marketing skills. Their ability to deliver results makes them valuable assets for clubs who want to maximize their profits.

• Promoters play a crucial role in driving traffic to the clubs. They are friendly and knowledgeable about the Las Vegas pool party and nightlife scene, which allows them to effectively engage with passersby walking the Strip and convince them to visit the club they are promoting. Their main job is to attract as many people as possible by handing out flyers, offering guest list entry, and enticing potential guests with branded merchandise. Promoters are employed directly by the clubs and work full-time during the day to ensure that the venues are always filled with partygoers.

Venue Hosts Verses Independent Hosts


Venue Hosts and Independent Hosts play a crucial role in driving revenue into the day clubs and Las Vegas nightclubs, but their responsibility and relationship to these venues differ significantly.

Venue Hosts are employed by the clubs and are responsible for managing reservations. They work directly with the club's management team and are often involved in marketing and promotional efforts to attract guests. They have a deep understanding of the venue's offerings, policies, and procedures and also have access to exclusive deals and promotions offered by the club.

Independent Hosts operate outside of the club's official structure. They are freelancers or entrepreneurs who bring guests to the day clubs and nightclubs in exchange for commissions and other incentives. They have relationships with multiple venues and are not tied to any one establishment. They often have a large network of contacts and use their personal connections to drive traffic to various venues. They are skilled at networking, marketing, and sales and are able to leverage their relationships to attract guests to the club they work with.


What are the Advantages of Booking with an Independent(Indy) Host?


One might think I'm a little biased when it comes to Independent Hosts compared to the Internal Host, but I've worked on both sides of the fence, so I know the business very well. If I felt being an Internal Host was the best solution for my customers, I would still be working at a club. Many times, we hear the argument that if you work as an Indy Host, you will pay more money, but that's not the case 99% of the time. A lot of the nightclubs and pools list their pricing on their websites. So, if you book online, you will be assigned an Internal Host, and you will be paying full retail prices. Check with us before you do that; we might have an opportunity for a better deal.

At some high-demand pools and big DJ nightclubs, the price is the price for the Independent Hosts and the Internal Hosts. If you want a particular table, then you pay the full retail price. As a licensed Indy Host, we make a commission based on the minimum spend, just like an Internal Host. A couple of examples of this would be Encore Beach on just about any weekend and XS Nightclub and Drai's on big nights with DJs like The Chainsmokers and Chris Brown. We are well-connected in this town, and because of our relationships and buying power, we pool our buying resources with a couple of other large Indy companies to drive a large amount of revenue and get the same pricing as the Internal Hosts. Some smaller Indy Hosts will not get the same prices as we do. We talk more about the differences between Indy Hosts below.

One advantage Internal Hosts have is access to the internal booking system so they can see what's going on with the reservations. Fortunately for the large Indys like us, we mainly deal with the managers, so they tell us what's going on. On mega nights like fights and holiday weekends, this can be an advantage at one or two of the big EDM Clubs. But let's set the record straight, this is one or two weekends out of the entire year and only at one or two clubs and pools, so I don't consider it that big of an advantage. Since we spread our business over 15 nightclubs, 12 pools, and over a dozen gentlemen's clubs, these one or two clubs on one or two weekends are insignificant.


As we mentioned earlier, the customer is the focal point of our business. We're not saying the Internal Hosts don't care about the customers; they do; the fact is, if they don't have customers, they don't make a commission. But you will find that the Club Host is working at the club and typically will not be able to hang out with their customers. I used to hate this as an Internal Host. Every once in a while, when they get off work, you might see them with a customer or a group, but not that often. Guys like us go above and beyond and bring in girls and walk-in customers, and personally spend some time making sure the evening is perfect. Again, our main focus is the customer, not the revenue.

Another huge advantage of the Indys is we can book everywhere. Most groups who come to Vegas tend to book multiple events. Instead of trying to deal with four or five different people throughout a weekend, having an Indy Host who can book everything makes things a lot easier and smoother for your vacation. Dealing with one responsive person who makes an effort to ensure you arrive at all your events can be a huge plus. Indy Hosts will ensure you have a person at the VIP ropes who will get you in VIP style. On a final note, we offer many package deals since we work with all the clubs, pools, shows, activities, and Las Vegas Strip Clubs. We also deal with a substantial number of customers on any given weekend. We can negotiate incredible deals, and we pass those savings along to our customers. On top of that, we do a lot of volume, and we are not concerned about making a ton of money on one or two customers. Building relationships with new and existing customers is the recipe for our success, and as a result, we enjoy a great deal of repeat business.

Of course, we have to make some profit to stay in business, but on any given weekend, we might be working with 30 or 40 groups, so there's no need to price gouge. We would much rather hook a customer up and get an excellent review and a referral, which we do, rather than try to push it for a few extra bucks.

Host-Promoter FAQs?



Vegas VIP Services offers so much more than bottle service tables. We have fantastic packages for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and all-inclusive deals on all things Vegas, such as tours, fun activities, extreme adventures, dining, and transportation.



To avoid cancellations from our guests, we require a small deposit for all our bottle service reservations, but otherwise, everything is paid for on arrival or prior to the event. We do not charge a "hosting fee" like other companies.

Please keep in mind for future reference that if you book without a Host, I can promise you that you will get the worst table in the club because no one's getting paid commission on your table. You never want to book directly online without a Host. You will always get the crappiest tables and won't know about any "special deals." Working with Vegas VIP Services won't cost you a thing and you will get a better experience. I get paid a commission by the clubs, so booking with me costs you zero dollars.


1. I am contracted with the club, but I work for you, not the club.

2. I answer all your questions.

3. One of my team members or I will be in touch with you to make sure you get walked in properly and get a good section.



Independent Hosts are not created equal! Sin City is full of Independent Hosts, but there's a big difference between the best and the rest. Take note of the big websites that pop up on every keyword related to Las Vegas, and you'll find the top Independent Hosts. These are actual companies with employees, LLCs, and automated systems. Guys like me are passionate about this business, and we put a lot of time and effort into search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and relationships with the venues.

One thing is for sure, in Vegas, if you do a lot of volume, people respect you for your work ethic and your business acumen, not to mention the clubs who want to do business with you because you bring them a bunch of revenue. A lot of volume means volume discounts and the pick of the prime inventory, a.k.a. the best tables. Nowadays, it's very easy to look at Yelp, Google, or Facebook and check out reviews. If an Independent Host doesn't have legit reviews or a legit website, then I would strongly encourage you to walk away.

The Nevada Gaming Commission has made it so real Independent Host Companies need a license to do business with the clubs. Legit companies will also need to carry insurance and have a Clark County Professional Promoter license. So, make sure you do your homework before you work with any host or company. When you work with an authentic brand like parent company Surreal LLC and Vegas VIP Services, you get to leverage our relationships, network of ladies, customers, and buying power to make your Vegas Vacation a better experience.

Las Vegas Bachelor Packages


Las Vegas is a city where dreams come true, inhibitions are left at the door, and bachelor parties reign supreme. If you find yourself headed to the land of neon lights and 24/7 entertainment to celebrate the impending nuptials of your best buddy, then congratulations, you've already made a wise choice. But when it comes to planning a bachelor party in Sin City, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. Every group of guys is different, with their own unique preferences and tastes. We have a few key ingredients that are essential for creating a truly epic bachelor bash or a stag party. Our team of professional party planners can help you create unforgettable memories by bundling one of our all-inclusive packages with a nightclub, a strip club, a pool party, stripper party buses with a Las Vegas stripper or two, Atomic Golf, VIP bottle service, dune buggies, limos, and more.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Packages


Calling all the hen parties and budget bachelorette parties, Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground, offering endless opportunities for fun, excitement, relaxation, and making unforgettable memories. From the glitzy casinos to the glamorous entertainment, Las Vegas has everything a bride and her squad needs for a last fling before the ring celebration. We specialize in Las Vegas Bachelorette parties and Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages. We can help you create memories of a lifetime by bundling a nightclub or Vegas pool party with a Drag brunch, a Las Vegas male revue, all-you-can-drink and eat dinners, bottle service, a pink hummer limo, a spa day, a shopping excursion, a pool package, pole dancing lessons, a male strip club, and more.

Owner Brian Pfeiffer on Independent Hosts


I didn't write this article to convince you to work with me or bag on Internal Hosts. I work with a lot of Internal Hosts, and many are personal friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an Internal Host; it's just a different mindset. Their mindset is numbers-driven, based on performance and revenue; the environment is highly competitive, and there's a great deal of pressure on them to hit numbers.

Think about the movie "Boiler Room." I know this with 100% certainty because I've been in those meetings. Once you get out of that environment and you own your own company, you start to realize that the customer is king. They are the most important thing, not your weekend revenue numbers. Without customers, we don't have a business. We are running a legit 7-figure business. As a business owner, you have a couple of main objectives: to deliver exceptional service that warrants an excellent review. The other is to build a business for an eventual exit to retirement. Small business owners have to generate leads, build websites, media buy their traffic, and define their unique selling proposition to succeed in an ultra-competitive environment.


I sometimes work twice as hard for half as much, but I know the light at the end of the tunnel is a sellable asset at the end of the day. I pride myself on hundreds of 5-Star Reviews. Please check out my rock-solid websites, my cutting-edge videos, my pay-per-click strategies, and the many amazing friends and customers I've acquired along the way that keep me passionate about the business. There is still no better feeling than to see that smile on a friend's face when they have had an unparalleled experience working with me and the relationships I have built, some of which have turned into marriages with kids. People can't believe I have been in this industry for over 25+ years, but it doesn't feel like work when you love what you do. I like to say I've been on spring break for the last 25 years, so why stop now? If you'd like to work with me and my company, please fill out a form and let us know when you're coming to Las Vegas, and we will make your vacation unforgettable.If you want an alternative to the pricey clubs, we also have other extreme packages like skydiving, machine gun shooting, and supercar racing. We are experts at creating fun! Call us today and let us help you plan your entire Vegas visit. Guys, consider hiring some Atmosphere models or Vegas girls to enhance your Vegas nightlife experience!

Some other options for entry to pools and clubs include the pool crawl, cheap bottle packages , the Las Vegas guestlist with a Las Vegas Promoter, Vegas club tickets, or a bar card all are good options for one or two events.


Jon Grace

I am Jon Grace, a 10 year nightlife industry veteran in both the Phoenix Arizona and also Las Vegas markets. I am passionate about creating and facilitating unforgettable experiences for clients that trust in me to plan special events and occasions for them.


Brian Pfeiffer – Owner

Multiple site owner and nightlife industry veteran, hailing as a top promoter from Chicago and now rocking Las Vegas for over a decade, you will benefit from years of connections, expertise, and experiences when you connect with me to plan your amazing weekend.


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