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Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan

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Sin City is a haven for party lovers from all around the world. With its glitz, glamour, and pulsating energy, it's no wonder that the Las Vegas nightlife scene here is unparalleled. Amidst the sea of ever-changing Las Vegas nightclubs that seemingly pop up like wildflowers, there are those who prefer to stick to the tried and true, the legendary establishments that have become synonymous with Vegas nightlife. One such iconic destination that has stood the test of time is Marquee Nightclub .

Nestled within the trendy Cosmopolitan Hotel, Marquee is not just a nightclub; it's an experience that elevates the meaning of nightlife to new heights. The atmosphere is electric and intoxicating. The sleek and stylish design, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, and top-tier talent create an ambiance that is impossible to resist. Marquee Nightclub events is a playground for the beautiful. The crowd is a melting pot of diverse individuals united by their love for music, dancing, and partying. From celebrities, socialites, and influencers to locals and tourists, Marquee welcomes all who seek an unforgettable night out in the City of Sin.


Marquee is a 40,000-square-foot nightclub that includes multiple levels, each with its own unique vibe, and 60,000 square feet if you include the outdoor rooftop pool deck where the party spills out under the starlit sky. With luxurious bungalows, cabanas, day beds, a lively bar, and a pool that beckons you to take a dip, the outdoor space is an oasis of indulgence.

But what truly sets Marquee Nightclub apart is its commitment to delivering an unparalleled service to its guests. The staff, from the bartenders to the bottle service attendants, are dedicated to ensuring that your night is nothing short of extraordinary. They understand that in the competitive Las Vegas nightclub industry, every detail matters. So, while the allure of new nightclubs may entice some, those in the know understand the appeal of the older clubs like the iconic Marquee Las Vegas – bold, vibrant, and unapologetically extravagant.

Marquee Nightclub Bottle Service Layout

Marquee is one of the older clubs on the Las Vegas Strip; it made its debut in December 2010. If you have a large group, keep in mind that the tables are a bit smaller than the newer clubs.

2D Map

Main Room Dance Floor (10 – 12 Guests)


The dance floor tables are the best in the club. While they have limited seating, there is a lot of standing room. Nothing beats a great dance floor table. Compared to most clubs, at MNC you are really close to the DJ and the center of attention in the main room.

Main Room Upper Dance Floor (10 – 12 Guests)


The upper dance floor tables are elevated, which provides a fantastic view. They have plenty of traffic behind them from the circular walkway, but you have to split the table with another group. Since Marquee is not a massive club, you only get half an upper dance floor table. If you have a larger group, I recommend getting two tables and taking over the entire area. If you are facing the DJ, the tables on the right, as shown as 40 through 43 on the Map, are a bit longer and can accommodate a larger group. The rest of the 40s are a little short.

Main Room 3rd and 4th Row (8 – 10 Guests)


If your budget doesn't allow for a prime table, the back wall tables in the main room are ideal because you still get the main room vibe, a great view of the DJ, and there is plenty of traffic in front along the circular walkway. If you have a larger group, the corner tables, like 80 and 26, are better. Since some of these tables are small, they can only accommodate 4-6 people.

Salon (8 – 10 Guests)


The salon tables, 10 through 16 on the map, don't offer a good view of the main room. Even though they're elevated, you will pretty much be staring at the long bar. But these tables will work if you don't have the budget for the main room and you have a mixed group.

Cloud Tables (4 - 6 Guests)


The cloud tables are 71 through 74. These small sections are a table in front of an extended bench. On busy nights, the area between the cloud bar and the cloud tables is typically crowded. One disadvantage is that if the outside pool deck is open, this area is empty.

Pool Deck (8 – 10 Guests)


Back in Marquee's prime, the pool deck was almost always open during the nightclub hours. This made a nice escape away from the crowded main room. But since they don't showcase a lot of big talent anymore, the pool deck is usually closed. If it is open on the night you want to go, you can get one of the couches in the middle for a reasonably low minimum. Another excellent option is one of the grand cabanas (pictured), which are elevated and spacious. Management does not allow its patrons to go into the private pool at night, and even though you can still hear the music from the main room, you can't see the DJ.

Boom Box Room


The boom box is rarely opened, but when it is, there's not a bad table in the room. This room is a very cool spot with a nice vibe, and it overlooks the strip. This room is ideal for corporate events for up to 100 people. They typically use this room on Wednesday nights, and the DJ spins hip hop and some Latin Club music.

The Library


Marquee's Library is another room that is rarely open to the public. As you can see from the picture, this enchanting space, nestled away from the vibrant lights and thumping beats, exudes an air of opulence that could easily be mistaken for someone's exquisite private residence. This room used for corporate events and big spenders looking for private space. I can get you a deal if you want to rent it out. They typically use this room on Wednesday nights for tech house and EDM club music.

Marquee Nightclub Bottle Service Menu for 2024


Bottle service is the epitome of decadence, and it will take your clubbing experience to the next level. Not only does it come with expedited VIP entry and prime real estate inside the club, but it combines luxury, convenience, and a dedicated server who will cater to your every need throughout the night, making sure that your glass is always filled, your requests are promptly met, and that you and your friends are having the time of your lives. Bottle Service also comes with highly trained security personnel to keep away unwanted guests. There is no need to worry about a cluttered table or running out of supplies. The experienced busser will keep your table clean and stocked. When you opt for bottle service, you can expect a complete setup that includes glassware, napkins, stirrers, standard mixers, and garnishes. When you indulge in this lavish experience, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Final Word on Marquee Nightclub from Brian Pfeiffer


Marquee has stood the test of time! There is an undeniable allure to being the first to experience something new and fresh. It's like being at the forefront, riding the wave of excitement as you uncover unchartered territory. These are the people who eagerly await the opening of a new nightclub, excited to see what it has to offer and what it brings to the table. They thrive on being the ones to discover the next big thing, the trendsetters of the nightlife scene. But then there are the loyalists, the ones who have found their groove and refuse to let it go. They have experienced the transformation of Las Vegas nightclubs and witnessed the rise and fall of different establishments. These are the individuals who have seen it all and who know the ins and outs of the city's nightlife. They have found their favorite spots, the ones that have redefined their concept of a good night out. For them, it's not about being the first or the trendiest. It's about the familiarity, the comfort that comes with returning to a place that feels like home. These nightclubs have become a part of their lives, etched into their memories. The bartenders know their drink preferences, the DJs play their favorite songs, and the dance floor becomes their sanctuary. In a city that constantly reinvents itself, these loyalists are the backbone of the nightlife scene. They bring stability and consistency amid the ever-changing landscape. They are the ones who ensure that the legends continue to thrive. This venue is smaller but competes with the mega-clubs like Hakkasan Nightclub, Drai’s Nightclub, XS Nightclub, Zouk Nightclub, LIV Nightclub, Omnia Nightclub, Jewel, or TAO Nightclub.


We added this party lounge to compete with the likes of El Infierno, Seńor Frogs, On the Record, Ghost Bar, Skyfall Lounge, Skybar, Skyfall Lounge, Chandelier Bar, Chéri Rooftop, and Legacy Club. So far, the response from our customers has been very good about the vibe and the venue. We are happy to assist with your bookings or one of our bottle packages.


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