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Labor Day Weekend Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS Labor Day Weekend

For whatever reason, the holiday Labor Day is the exact opposite of what its name would imply. Rather than being a day of actually laboring, it's another excuse for people to gather for barbeques and enjoy the pleasures of a three day weekend. No matter the reasoning behind the name, Labor Day is yet another one of Las Vegas' big weekend holidays when tourists come from far and wide to enjoy everything Sin City has to offer. If Las Vegas is on your radar for the next Labor Day weekend, it's good to know what this vast city has to offer to entertain you and your crew.

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Unlike most of the northern part of the nation, during the month of September, Las Vegas is still experiencing a fairly extensive warm front. In fact, even through October the weather can be anywhere in the mid to high 90's. Because of this, September is a prime time to escape to the desert and enjoy one last weekend of fun in the sun. When you first arrive in Vegas, the amount of potential entertainment that surrounds you may be slightly intimidating, so here are a few things you'll definitely want to partake in.

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The very first thing you may think to do on your Labor Day weekend is to roast in the scorching sun. Luckily for you, if there's one thing the Las Vegas Strip has no short of, its pools. No matter what hotel you're staying at, you'll have immediately access to the property's guest pool. While most of the pools lining Las Vegas Boulevard are held to a higher standard than a normal community pool, you'll still be stuck with some of the downfalls. Despite the name "Sin City", Las Vegas has turned into a tourist trap for children – and holiday weekends are bound to exacerbate the situation. If you want to hold onto the "adult" side of Vegas (or even if you're a local wishing to join in on a private pool), each hotel is home to its own resort styled private area. Cabanas, daybeds, and lounges line intricately designed pools while a DJ spins off a slew of house music and Top 40 tunes. During Labor Day weekend, these pool parties are kicked up a notch and feature "celebrity" sightings that could range anywhere from Kim Kardashian to the Jersey Shore's Snookie. In previous years, pool clubs like Wet Republic at the MGM has invited celebrity musicians like Will.i.am to host their Labor Day weekend.

Once the sun starts to set, the bulk of the pool party crowd returns to their rooms to prepare for a night of continued partying. Most of Sin City's nightclubs amp up the party atmosphere for holiday weekends, bringing in guest DJ's and booking celebrity appearances. Drink specials litter the holiday weekend with offerings like half off beer and discounted bottle services. Be wary, though, as most everything else sees a hike in price during this weekend – and the cover charge is no exception.

LAS VEGAS Labor Day Weekend

If you've ever wanted to sing, dance, and drink your Labor Day weekend away, there is no better place to do so than Las Vegas. While you may not partake in any of those activities, than you can at least bask in the refreshing sun while admiring the usual fair of gorgeous people.

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