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Omnia Nightclub Bottle Service

Inside Caesars Palace
DJ-spun, EDM, House
Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat - Sun 10:30 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.
Dress Code:
Proper attire required.
Line Wait:
Up to 2 hrs
Local Night:
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Bottle Service

Bottle Service

  • Limo pick-up from your hotel
  • Bottle Service and hosted VIP entry to the nightclub
  • Limo transfer to a hot gentlemens' club
  • VIP entry with table at the strip club
  • All Inclusive
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VIP Service Package

Nightlife VIP Service

  • Limousine transportation
  • Dining at Gordon Biersch with set menu & 2 hours unlimited beer.
  • VIP table service at the nightclub
  • VIP entry to one of the hottest strip club
  • All inclusive
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Club Omnia

There's something new kicking up at Las Vegas' famed Caesar's Palace Resort, and it's going to change the way you party forever. Owned and operated by the famed Hakkasan Group, the crew responsible for the MGM's highly acclaimed Hakkasan nightclub, Caesar's new Omnia Nightclub stands in the place of the long-since-closed Pure Nightclub. Bringing with it a whole new look and style, Omnia Nightclub will quickly rise the ranks of Las Vegas' greatest with little effort.

Hakkasan's signature modern style is prevalent in Omnia's design, with sleek yet comfortable furnishings providing a place to take a load off. The 75,000-square-foot Omnia is divided into three different venues - an ultra lounge, the main room, and a rooftop garden that will deliver amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Within the ultra lounge, guests have the chance to kick back and relax and engage in pleasantries like conversation or light dancing. Music from the main room is filtered into this space but is toned down enough to allow for interaction with your fellow partiers. Guests can engage in some light dancing here without the struggles of finding room on the dance floor.

Omnia nightclub las Vegas

Speaking of dance floor, Omnia's main attraction is also the focal point of the club, live entertainment ensuring that the space is never without a slew of bodies on it. The dance floor stretches through the length of the club, leading right up to the brightly lit DJ booth. Flanking this area, a slew of comfortable, black leather VIP booths and the main floor's bar. Retrieve your own drink from the bar or have it delivered to your table via the club's premium bottle service. Gain streamlined entry into Omnia as well as your own VIP host for your arrival when you reserve Omnia's bottle service through Vegas VIP Services. You'll also be treated to free mixers throughout the night.

Rounding off Omnia's magnificent features is the rooftop garden overlooking the beautiful features of the Las Vegas Strip. Caesar's Palace is smack dab in the middle of Sin City, so you can bet that no matter where you plant yourself in Omnia's garden, you'll have an amazing view. Drink in your surroundings as you sit back and sip on an expertly crafted beverage.

Infused with Hakkasan's signature style, Omnia Nightclub is set to be another Las Vegas signature nightclub, providing countless hours of entertainment in a space that is not only sleek and modern, but also practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The dance floor of the Omnia Nightclub is also quite large, ranging nearly 1,100-square feet. Each VIP booth surrounding the dance floor is a one-of-a-kind creation with gold-embossed exterior with crocodile skin. With a staggering 8,000 or more people that visit Omnia nightly, you may be hard-pressed to grab a booth, bottle service, or other special amenities.

Omnia dance floor

If you are fortunate enough to spring for bottle service at Omnia Las Vegas, you are sure to experience top-notch service like no other. Try its signature drink, the Ono, which is a combination of Black Pearl cognac by Louis XIII de Remy Martin and Dom Peringon Oenotheque champagne. The cognac is limited edition, being sold-out after only two months of being offered. The signature drink is also paired with men's sterling silver cufflinks, which are embossed with a raised Omnia logo and stingray. It also comes with a women's 18K white-gold chain with an Omnia logo and black pearl pendant. This drink costs $10,000 and is sold an average of twice a month.

On Sunday nights during the summer months, the Omnia venue inside portion is closed down and the party moves outside to a must-experience pool party. By 10 PM, most guests will find themselves in a skimpy swimsuit, dancing the night away, throwing back some drinks, or gambling on one of Omnia's outside casino game tables.

Lines for this venue often extend to the Le Reve Theater, which is more than a football field and a half away from the club. Omnia Nightclub is a popular Vegas venue that many locals and even more vacationers desire to visit. Treat yourself to one night during your Vegas stay to a night at Omnia.

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Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas 4.5 out of 5.0 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews
Omnia review
Josh G

Omnia Nightclub Review by Josh G. on Mar 22: Hottest club in town
No longer the newest, but still the best. If you're with a group of dudes, I wouldn't try getting in this club without using a VIP service or paying some hot chicks to go in with you. It's not gonna happen.

Rating: 4.0
Omnia review
Nightlifer V

Omnia Nightclub Review by Nightlifer V. on May 12: new club concept at Encore
Omnia is Victor Drai's new club concept at Encore. The nightclub aims to supply an excess of extravagance and boasts that “too much is never enough.” The elegant design was inspired by the sexy curves of the female body. There are three life-sized holograms of the female figure above the bar that face patrons based on vantage point. The nightclub surrounds Encore's outdoor pool and island bar. Club-goers have the option of sitting indoors or poolside in an outdoor cabana. The signature cocktail at Omnia is "Ono." It's a blend of Dom Perignon Enotheque champagne and Louis XIII de Remy Martin Black Pearl cognac. It is priced at $10,000 and comes with men's sterling silver cufflinks embossed with a stingray and the raised Omnia logo and a woman's 18K white-gold chain with a black pearl pendant and Omnia logo.

Rating: 5.0