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Getting around town in Las Vegas really isn't that difficult. If you're hotel is situated on the Strip, you can easily walk or hail a cab to your final destination. Sections of the Strip even offer monorail services from one casino to the next, really making travel the easiest thing about Las Vegas (albeit potentially expensive). These methods are well and good, save for if you are planning on traveling in a large pack and walking just isn't an option. While most cabs can accommodate groups of up to 6 people, what do you do when your entourage far surpasses that number. Sectioning the group into separate cabs can not only be rather time consuming, but also very costly depending on the distance. Your best bet when traveling in large groups is to let Vegas VIP Services take care of your transportation arrangements with one of their luxury party buses.

If you've ever had the fantasy of driving down the Las Vegas Strip with your own on-board entertainment, than it's no doubt that you should be looking at Vegas VIP Services party bus rentals. Trying to throw a good friend the bachelor party he'll never forget? Party buses comes equipped with the traveling essentials of an on-board stripper pole, fully stocked mini-bar, and a nightclub-like atmosphere that will put to to shame the thought of trying to party in a crowded club. While the stripper is not included with the rental, you'll have better odds of finding a girl willing to seduce your mobile party than you will at the tables.

If you're not too busy being engorged in a tantalizing lap dance on the road, chances are you'll be busy playing with the features of the party bus. With access to a small touch screen panel that controls just about every facet of the bus, it's rather easy to get absorbed into putting on a miniature light show for the bus' other passengers. With full control of the neon and optical lighting strung throughout the bus, you'll feel like you're operating your own mobile strip club.

To keep the mobile party alive, an on-board surround sound system kicks out the music of your choice. Want to set the mood for the stripper? Party buses are equipped with iPod and MP3 docking stations to allow you to play that striptease mix you created in case the situation ever arose. Party buses are offered in varying sizes, some accommodating up to 50 guests, so keep in mind whether or not you'll want the extra space to groove to your own mix .

After experiencing the luxury of a party bus, the next time you're walking down the Strip at night and one of those limousines carting a crew of borderline-obnoxious passes by, you can scoff at their crude attempts at making you jealous that you're not riding along with them. You have the satisfaction of knowing that the last time you and your friends were driving along the Strip, you were too preoccupied to scream at the people on the side of the road.



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