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DRAI'S BEACH CLUB Cabana Rental & Bottle Service

Drai's Beach Club
The Cromwell: 3595 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109
Hip-hop, Top 40, House, EDM, and Mash-ups
Friday, Saturday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m
Dress Code:
Trendy pool / beach attire
Daybeds, cabanas, and bungalows.


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drais beach club

At any given point throughout the day, there is a party going on in Vegas. Drais made sure of that by offering a place to party even when the nightclubs were long closed for the night. The after hours establishment made a name for itself in delivering one of the hottest parties on the Strip. Even party goers can get tired of just the night, which is why Drais expanded its reach to entertain the masses while the sun is still up. Utilizing the rooftop of Las Vegas' The Cromwell hotel, Drais opened up Drais Beach Club. This long sought after establishment combines the high energy of a beach party with the sophistication and class of an after hours establishment

When you step inside Drais Beach Club for the first time, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Outside of the gorgeous decor and architecture, Drais Beach Club rests 11-stories high, giving magnificent views of Sin City and the surrounding environment. You'll need to take a moment to drink in the scene before truly getting a chance to appreciate what this pristine beach club has to offer.

Two levels offer two different experiences. The lower level, or the main level, is where the general public will congregate. The DJ overlooks the masses atop his / her own elevated booth while a bar serves up liquid courage to everyone needing a frosty pick-me-up. You can either take your frosty mug back to a lounge chair and simply soak in the sun or you can get right into the midst of the party by choosing to kick back in one of two large, crystal clear pools.

The upper level offers a little more in the way of comfort, but it's also for Drais' VIP customers. Of course, that can be you if you book your stay at Drais through Vegas VIP Services; and once you hear what's in store for VIP partiers, chances are you will be hopping on that phone right quick. An array of bungalows and cabanas are available to rent, each providing its own kind of comfort and amenities.

drais beach club

The smaller cabanas are good for people just looking for a private space to run to when the heat gets a little unbearable. Comfortable furnishings and air conditioning ensure that you won't be leaving this space behind until it's time to go. The cabanas larger counterpart, the bungalow, is like having your own little pool-side hotel. Comfortable and stocked with plenty of goodies like a private bathroom, deck pool, and places to sit and sleep, the bungalow is the cream of the crop.

Drais may have gotten its name thanks to the night, but there should be no question that the daytime iteration that is Drais Beach Club can mimic the success of Drais After Hours. For VIP access, call Vegas VIP Services today.

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