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LAS VEGAS Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party is called "Hen party" or "Stagette Party" in some countries such as Canada, UK or Australia. Bachelorette party is planned for the bride to be going out with her female friends one last time as a single girl.


male revue

Bachelorette Party

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfers
  • Pole Dancing Class
  • Chippendales Show Ticket
  • Tao Bottle Service
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Hangover for Girls

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfers
  • Dinner at Firefly
  • Unlimited Tapas & Shanria
  • Drai's Nightclub Bottle Service
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  • Arrive via McCarran airport or car
  • Casual dinner
  • Small night out involving some combination of drinks, gambling, dancing, chilling. It's a good opportunity for an ultra-lounge. Some lounges feature dancing, others have space conducive for conversations.

  • Afternoon activity – varies depending on the composition of the group. Popular activities include: chilling poolside, shopping, gambling, spa day, skydiving, and/or the famous pole dancing course at Fawnia's studio.
  • Nice group dinner
  • Strip club or male review show (Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under) or pregame in hotel room, with or without strippers
  • Limo ride on the Strip with champagne
  • Nightclub crazy night

  • Group brunch
  • If you have a late departure, try an afternoon activity that you didn't get the chance to schedule the day before. Or if the bride-to-be is a sports fan, watch the big game in a nice sports' book.
  • Depart
bachelorette party fun

Afternoon Activities

The afternoon activity or activities that you choose to incorporate into your Las Vegas bachelorette party weekend vary based on the tastes of the group. We recommend advanced planning to ensure you're getting the most out of your time in Vegas. In the paragraphs that follow, we'll provide you with some of the most popular girls night out suggestions. Vegas VIP Services can arrange these activities or help you create your own personalized itinerary of fun. Check with us for your best rates.

There are several museums located on and around the Strip. You can take your group to the Erotic Heritage Museum – exploring eroticism throughout the centuries then purchasing a naughty toy in the gift shop. If the bride-to-be loves sea creatures, visit the Shark Reef. Take a trip through the celebrity wax sculptures at Madame Tussauds.

pole fitness pole dancing

The number one Bachelorette Party activity is Pole Dancing at Fawnia's Studio. In this course you'll be taught how to shake your hips and wrap your body around a pole. The class is as intense as you want it – an activity that doubles as an aerobic workout or something casual and lighthearted. You can attend the course at a studio or host it in your hotel room. A second option that's equally as intriguing as Pole dancing is a Belly Dancing course. Again, get a workout or a casually entertaining lesson. Take the course in a studio or have the Belly Dancing teacher meet your group in your hotel room.

Another popular choice during the warmer months in Las Vegas is to hit the pool. Pool parties are all the rage – some are just as wild as nightclubs complete with DJs, cocktail waitresses, and cabanas. You can order bottle service to your cabana the same way you would order bottle service at a nightclub. There are a variety of pools – some are located on the roof, some have sand around the edges as if you're at a beach, some have areas where tops are optional, and some have blackjack tables which you can swim up to and gamble at while soaking in the water. Bachelorette Vegas is a great site to begin your research when it comes to girls nightlife hangout.

vegas pool parties Las Vegas pool parties

If it's an adrenaline rush you're seeking, why not try skydiving? Outdoor skydiving is amazing and peaceful – so nice to dangle miles above the city. If you'd rather sleep in a bit, there is an indoor skydiving complex. You can shoot a gun at a shooting range, go paintballing, take an off road vehicle through the desert, ride the scary rides on top of the Stratosphere, or stroll around Red Rock Canyon.

Hire a limousine to take you to the outlet malls around town. Or check out the Forum Shops, Fashion Show Mall, or Miracle Mile. If your bride-to-be is into vintage shops, there are some great stores around Charleston. You can view an antique coffin or antique stirrups like those found in a gynecologist's office.

If you just want a place to chill, there are a few great hookah lounges around the Strip. Or pamper yourself at a spa. Las Vegas has some world class spa facilities. If you're just looking for a mani/pedi, we can arrange that too. Take a gondola ride along the canals of "Venice" or ride in a float at the Carnival of "Rio."

shopping for bachelorette bachelorette shopping

If you're low on funds, check out the free sites on Las Vegas Blvd. Highlights include: outdoor Bellagio fountains, Bellagio's indoor conservatory, a stroll through the canals at the Venetian, and Wynn's indoor watershow (found on the patio at the Parasol Up and Parasol Down bars). You can also do an around-the-world theme. Have a drink in Paris, then have a drink in Rome, a drink in Venice, a drink on carousel bar that Hunter S. Thompson made famous with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc.

Party Suites

You have a lot of options when trying to decide where to stay during your stagette night weekend. 19 of the world's 25 largest hotels are on the Las Vegas Strip, and those 19 alone have over 67,000 rooms.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning where to live over the weekend. Perhaps you want to stay in a hotel based on the decor. Does the bride-to-be have a predilection to pirate ships, the ambiance of Paris, the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, glamorous surroundings? Do you want to stay somewhere based on the pool? There are lazy rivers, wave pools, flamingos, sandy beaches, tops optional, and raging parties. Do you want to stay close to the nightclub you intend to visit on Saturday? Maybe you want to surround yourself with complete luxury, including a flat screen television in the bathroom and ultra comfy bathrobes. Or perhaps you're watching your budget. Your hotel room will be your home base, so choose a good fit for the bride-to-be and your group.

Here is an awesome Vegas party suite: Affordable large party suite

bachelorette party hotels

Limousine Service

bachelorette party limo limo service

Limos are not only glamorous and VIP-like, but they are practical in transporting hordes of women. When you book a limo in advance, you are forcing girls to stick to an itinerary. "The limo will be there at 9pm," means: "You'd better have your clothes and makeup on and be downstairs by 9pm or we're leaving without you." That can be a powerful motivator. And if you've ever tried to get a group of girls together at a certain time, you'll know that you need a powerful motivator.

Part of the fun of a limo is just hanging out. Burn your own CD beforehand and give it to the driver. Then you've got your mini-pregame dance party on wheels. We recommend burning a couple different disks. If you're taking four limo rides during the trip, burn four separate disks. They're cheap. You really don't want to have to lug your pirated CDs in and out of nightclubs. Just leave it in the limo when you're done and don't worry about it. Need a good limo company recommendation? try Vegas VIP Limousine if you have a large group, they poses the biggest SUV limos in town. If your group is small, size of 6 or less try Exotic Limos; especially their Dodge Challenger or Hummer vehicles will eliviate your luxory transportation.

You can also bring your own champagne and or cocktails. We recommend taking a limo ride from the airport to your hotel and asking the driver to swing by Lee's Discount Liquor (on Las Vegas Blvd a few miles south of Mandalay Bay) on the way there. If not Lee's, then any grocery store will do. There is a Von's on Twain and Maryland Pkwy. And if you stop by the grocery store, you can pick up snacks, a light breakfast for the next morning, and bottled water. (Vegas tap water is disgusting – you'll want to drink purified water.) Vegas VIP Services can include limo service in your party booking.


Choosing a venue to have dinner at is very important. You'll need to find a place that caters to a large group of girls. Do you want to eat at a noisy, happening spot or do you want to be able to carry on conversations? Is there a celebrity chef you're interested in checking out? Do you want Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish tapas, or just a nice, juicy burger? Vegas VIP Services has connections with several restaurants in town and we can arrange dining with a set menu at a predetermined price. Just call us at 877-XPLORING for more details.

Strip Clubs / Male Reviews / Other Shows

Should you order a stripper who pops out of a life-sized cake? Do you opt for a fireman knocking on the hotel door, walking in, and taking off all of his clothes? Male strippers are the quintessential bachelorette party favor. And in Las Vegas you've got a lot of options. You can order a stripper or two delivered to a hotel room or a limo. Or you can watch one of the male review shows – Thunder from Down Under and Chippendales being the most popular. Or you can visit a male strip club. O.G.s has female strippers 24/7 on the first floor and male strippers on weekends on the second floor.

If your bride-to-be isn't into the stripper scene, there are a lot of other Vegas show options. Zumanity is a Cirque du Soleil show with kinky acrobatics. Or you can watch Love, which is a tribute to the Beetles. See a comedian, a hypnotist, a magician, a serious drama, a variety show, or a musician who happens to be in town that weekend. Your choices are abundant.

So what are the top 5 Male Revuew in Las Vegas?: 1) Magic Mike Live, Thunder form Down Under, Chippendales, Men of Sapphire and Men of OG. Our choice is Chippendales.

Male Reviews


The most popular reason bachelorettes host their parties in Las Vegas is definitely the nightclub. No matter what weekend you arrive in Vegas, nightclubs are consistently packed and out of control. The nightlife and party scene is incredible. The world's top DJs spin the hottest tracks and the ambiance is to die for. Many clubs spared no expense – gorgeous plush leather, creative color combinations, waterfalls, Turkish basins, pools, acrobatics, etc.

Las Vegas Nightclubs offer general admission and VIP admission and both require waiting in line and paying a cover charge. The VIP line is definitely shorter, but standing in it does not guarantee a speedy entrance. To get on the VIP list, you can preorder a table with bottle service. Bottle service means that you have your own table where bottles of liquor with mixers are delivered to your table and served by a cocktail waitress. Bottles cost between $300-800, depending on the liquor and the club. And you'll have to purchase a few bottles minimum, depending on the night of the week and the number in your party.

Nightclubs are Vegas VIP Services' specialty. Our VIP Host will meet your party at the club door and escort you past the line. We take care of the cover charge and the tipping. We book your table and bottle service and become fully responsible. Essentially, we get treated like regulars and you receive that special treatment by booking through us. Example: if XS, Light or TAO decides to bump a party because a bigger client calls to make a reservation, they're not going to bump Vegas VIP Services. Instead, they bump the little guy, the single party booker. Our services are incredibly valuable – we save so much hassle and ensure your night run smoothly. Lines suck. And it's a little embarrassing to plan an awesome night for your girls, just to spend half of it waiting outside of a club, slowly elbowing your way in. Go all out and be a VIP. If you're planning the bachelorette party, you'll appreciate our cost per person payment schedule. We accept cash or credit card payments, divided per person. It can be obnoxious hounding girls to pay up. You don't want to be the bad guy and demand money, but also don't want to be the sucker and pay more than your share. With Vegas VIP Services handling the payments, things are very simple.

If you're looking for something a little more chill, try an ultra-lounge such as VooDoo Lounge. There used to be three social outlets in casinos: casino bars, lounges, and nightclubs. The birth of the ultra-lounge is relatively new and it combines lounge with nightclub. The ultra-lounges typically have shorter lines and are a bit less crowded. They're smaller and more intimate than your average club. Most have intense music and the dance floor is largely ignored. Vegas VIP Services can handle reservations and bottle service at the ultra-lounge of your choice as well.

In Closing

You'll want to do something a little extra to make your hen night uniquely yours. Whether you want to make the bride-to-be walk around draped in a white veil with a big penis necklace or have all the gals wear matching tops by day or perhaps something a little more classy – subtle fake tattoos for the evening or gifting everyone a piece of jewelry that's a weekend memorabilia. Whatever you decide, make it special for your bride-to-be. Call Vegas VIP Services for everything else. We will help you plan the perfect bachelorette party weekend. +1-702-442-0206.

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