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Since you are checking out our Vegas VIP Services Guide to Nightclub, Pool Party and Las Vegas Strip Club Tickets, perhaps you are planning a Vegas Vacation and what to know the best method of entry into the Las Vegas nightclubs.

There are four different methods to choose from: general admission, bottle service, Las Vegas party pass, VIP bar cards, and club tickets, or the Guest List. With so many options, you most likely are unsure how to proceed, especially if this is your first time in Sin City.

Below is a summary on tickets for the nightclubs, strip clubs, and Las Vegas pool parties.

Tickets verses the Guest List


In Las Vegas, nightclubs and dayclubs offer several methods to get customers into their venues. You can pay cover at the door, buy advance tickets for events, and, if available, get on the guest list for these Las Vegas events. The guest list is the most popular since it's free, but if you want to guarantee entry, tickets are a better option

Here's what you need to know:

  • The guest list requires an early arrival and is not guaranteed.
  • A guest list is based on arrival time, availability, and business levels.
  • People who purchase tickets are guaranteed a spot inside the club and take precedence over the free guest list.
  • In some situations, even having a ticket does mean you won't have to wait on busy nights.
  • Wait times are longer for patrons on a free guest list.
  • Some events do not have a guest list. This depends on the number of tickets sold and the performer
  • There are several variables involved, so it is always best to ask your Las Vegas promoter for the best method of entry.

Las Vegas Party Pass

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Several of the Tao Group venues have a ticket option that allows you into multiple venues throughout the weekend. Maybe you are in town Friday to Sunday and want to check out Omnia on Friday, Wet Republic on Saturday, Jewel Saturday night, and Marquee Nightclub Sunday night. You can purchase the weekend pass and get a very reasonable rate to check out all four parties.

Included Pool Parties

Included Nightclubs:

Expedited Tickets and VIP Entry

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Some clubs offer expedited entry tickets in advance for guests willing to spend extra money to get preferential treatment and quick “no-line” entry, especially if you have ever seen the guest list on a night when major headliners like Zedd, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, David Guetta, or 2 Chainz are performing. If expedited tickets are something you and your group are interested in, I strongly recommend our VIP Entry options, where we can escort small groups in through the VIP bottle service lines for a small fee. VIP entry might actually end up being less expensive than the event's pricing. With site fees, taxes, and all the extra costs they hit you up for when you pay online – on top of the ticket – this is a good option.

VIP Bar Cards and TAO'S "V.I.WE"

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If you have ever considered purchasing tickets and are interested in Tao Group venues, there is a "VIP Bar Card."

  • This allows you to purchase an expedited entry + $100 gift card that can be used at the bars inside the club – hence the name
  • You can bundle both together for a lesser price.
  • It typically amounts to paying the $100 and waiving the entry ticket cost.
  • VIP Bar Cards are one of the best deals a mega club can offer general admission guests since the high price of drinks will easily get your bar tab to that $100 price range and beyond.

TAO Nightclub and Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas offers "V.I.We," a promotion where they have a small number of tables set aside as a community-type area for guests to sit and order bottle service without having to reserve a table.

The advantages

  • There is nowhere to sit inside the clubs unless you buy your own table, so with this option, you have a place to sit.
  • This is ideal for small groups and couples who do not want to splurge on bottle service.

The disadvantages

  • You are sharing space with guests who also have these V.I.We wristbands
  • You are constantly relocating, and there may not be enough room for everyone in your group.

Brian Pfeiffer’s Word on Club Tickets

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Buying tickets is the standard way to attend any event and may be the best bet in some situations. However, with all the entry options available, you may want to explore other free and cheaper alternatives. Again, speak to your host first about the best option for your group.


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