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Encore Beach Club Cabana Rental & Bottle Service

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Encore Hotel: 3121 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Electro-dance, hip-hop and rock
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-6pm.
Dress Code:
Pool attire is required.
Cabanas, lounge chairs, bungalows, daybeds, tables.


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Encore hotel pool party

The word encore can be defined as being an audience's demand for a continued performance from the artist. When utilized in a business' name, it suggests that the customer (the audience) will continuously demand what the location has to offer. The Encore Beach Club at the Wynn Hotel and Casino epitomizes that definition and gives an experience worthy of an Encore.

It's not everywhere that a person can wake up in the heart of a desert city, go for a two minute walk and find themselves amongst a premier beach club. At the Wynn Las Vegas, guests are garnered access to exactly that scenario. Decorated in tall palm trees and scattered smaller shrubbery, Encore holds true to the tropical feel that most Las Vegas pools strive to suggest. Much like the majority of the other key property's pools, Wynn's Encore Beach Club is speckled with twenty-six cabanas, decked out with refrigerators and flat- screen televisions. If a personal fridge and a poolside TV fall short of impressing, try renting one of Encores eight bungalows, which come equipped with a full bathroom and a controllable air conditioning unit. Sightseers and exhibitionists can make use of Encore's second story which offers a birds-eye view of the resorts three pools.

When the daily grind of soaking in the sun builds up a sizeable appetite, patrons can find sustenance at the club's exclusive poolside grill. For those that found themselves springing for the luxury of either the luxurious cabana or the decked out bungalows, Chef Rene Lenger of Wynn's five-star SWITCH Steak restaurant offers a private menu of freshly made salads, sandwiches, and various BBQ dishes. Once you're done pigging out on Lenger's high quality cuisine, guests have the option of washing off all that BBQ sauce in one of Encore's free-standing shower poles.

Encore Beach Club

The party at Encore Beach Club is complemented by the highest quality sound system, designed by the same company that outfitted other locations such as TAO night club and Treasure Island's Mist. Ensuring the top notch sound system doesn't go to waste, Encore features chart-topping performers, reputable DJs, and spontaneous acts from celebrity artists. Sundays throughout the summer hold never a dull moment with the party under the control of world renowned DJ, Kaskade. Encore is at the top of the bill as a celebrity hotspot, having been stopping points for stars like local Pawn Stars Chum Lee and Corey, Flavor Flave, and Lil' Jon.

Encore Beach Club's overall experience is one that should be had by all. Outside of "Kaskade Sundays" and other special events, the area is large enough to accommodate its usual flow. The hardest about the club to get used to is its wonky schedule, which has it closed on Wednesdays and opening at various different times during the rest of the week. With access directly off of Las Vegas Boulevard, Encore Beach Club is far from being out of the way and should be on every tourist's (and local's) "must see" list.

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Encore Beach Club review
from CA

Encore Beach Club Review by Ivette Ivette B. on Dec 22: the best pool party in sin city
Its a hot pool party with great DJs, good food, expensive drinks :(, hot coctail waitresses, perfect atmosphere.

Rating: 5.0