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Encore Beach Club

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If you are looking for the ultimate Las Vegas Pool Party experience, then look no further than Encore Beach Club (EBC). Situated within the luxurious Wynn Resort, this renowned beach club offers an unrivaled ambiance, jaw-dropping entertainment, and an unforgettable party atmosphere. As soon as you step foot into this 60,000-square-foot venue, you will be captivated by its vibrant and glamorous setting.


This Vegas club boasts three pools, daybeds, and luxurious bungalows and cabanas decked out with first-class amenities for guests seeking exclusivity and the VIP treatment. EBC is the perfect haven for relaxation and fun under the hot Vegas sun. When you build up a thirst and an appetite from all that sunning and partying, you can indulge in culinary offerings from the Encore Beach Club Grille, which features an extensive menu sure to satisfy any craving. The multiple bars serve refreshing handcrafted cocktails and spirits, or you can opt for bottle service.


The intricately designed landscaping that surrounds the pool party exudes a tropical oasis vibe, transporting you to a paradise in the heart of the desert. But don't let the serene surroundings fool you. Encore Beach Club is widely acclaimed for its electrifying party scene. Internationally renowned DJs take the stage, spinning the hottest beats that will have you dancing the day away. The state-of-the-art sound system and epic light shows produce an atmosphere that is nothing short of euphoric, immersing you in an audio-visual spectacle that is unmatched.


Beyond its extraordinary ambiance and impressive entertainment, Encore Pool Party is renowned for its impeccable service. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure your experience is unforgettable and that each guest is treated like royalty. Wynn Dayclub is the epitome of a Vegas pool party. Its stunning design, exhilarating entertainment, and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination for any party enthusiast. Whether you're there to mix and mingle, soak up the sun, drink, dance, or listen to the music, be prepared to be blown away by the enchanting allure of this venue.

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Encore Beach Club Bottle Service Layout

To assist you with your booking, we've included a 2D Map with the table numbers, which makes things easier to discuss.

2D Map


Bungalows and Cabanas are a Vegas-must! If you are looking for an engaging and immersive experience, Encore Beach Club is the spot; its popularity lives up to its hype!

Lower Bungalow - (20 people)


These massive tables are strictly for the big spenders or whales. The lower bungalows have some of the best tables in all of Las Vegas, from the private bathroom to a shared semi-private pool with the bungalow next door. You will typically find elite individuals and celebrities here.

Upper Bungalow - (15 people)


The upper bungalows are designed in the same way as the lower bungalows; however, they are one level up, and they do not include a private swimming pool. Overall, they are comfortable to hang out at, large, and quite roomy. They also provide a comprehensive panoramic view of the beach club.

All luxury cabanas come equipped with a TV, refrigerator, a safe, a private lounge area, and a daybed in front of the Cabana.

Lower Cabana - (12 people)


EBCs Lower Cabanas are the most in-demand and populated area for bottle service. You will find many beautiful and famous people hanging out at these tables, and they are perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties. To access this area, guys will need wristbands to get past Security protecting this section. These are positioned within walking distance of the main pool deck and are an easy place to walk around, converse, and meet new people.

Upper Cabana - (10 people)


The upper cabanas are positioned one story directly above the lower cabanas in an almost identical layout. These tables, like the lower cabanas, have a small and comfortable daybed in front to lay out on and catch some rays. For the upstairs cabanas, guys will need to have a wristband. Typically, Security is stricter toward the guys without wristbands; ladies should be fine to explore and walk through these tables with ease.

Back Stage Seating

Back Stage Sections, Small, Medium and Large Sections (maximum 6, 8, 12 people)


Hit us up to request a backstage section if you want to rub shoulders with the artists, models, and Wynn nightlife industry than consider asking us about the backstage sections.

Pool Deck

DJ Tables - (10 people)

There are six tables on both sides of the DJ booth facing the dance floor. When the main artists come on, they become incredibly crowded. If you and your group are looking to be in the heart of the action and confetti blasts, then these tables might be best for you.

Center L Couches - (10 people)


In the center of the map table, Tables 703 to 710, are the Center L couches. These are positioned quite literally in the center of the party. They have a fantastic view of the DJ, and the main pool is directly in front of them, along with the dance floor.

L Couches - (10 people)


The L Couches on the map are labeled 700, 701, and 702 and are located on the south end of the pool. There are also tables located on the north side of the pool labeled 711, 712, and 713. They are in a high-traffic area on the pool deck.

Daybeds - (8 people)


The daybeds are placed throughout the venue and give you a beautiful area to lay out and soak up the sun. These beds are on the far north and south end of the pool deck near the main entrance and exit and also near the main bathrooms and grille on the other side. There is a total of 5 daybeds on each side. They can comfortably hold up to 3-4 people lying out at the same time. Most of the daybeds have a couple of extra chairs placed by them for additional seating.

Gaming Pavilion - (6 people)


The covered gaming tables are located near the main bar and the gaming pavilion. These tables are surrounded by the craps and blackjack tables. Six out of the eight tables face the DJ from an elevated platform. Tables G1 and G8 have a bit more room, but they face the gaming tables. If you want to be at eye level with the DJ and you're into gambling, these tables are for you.

Beach Couches - (6 people)


Beach Couches are positioned near the south end of the pool by the main restrooms, the Grille, and the DJ Bar. They seat 3 to 4 people, and some setups have a couple of chairs for expanded seating.

Patio Couches - (6 people)


Looking at the DJ to the right is the shaded patio section, the entry level tables. A lot of people love the shade in the hot summer months, and we can tip for a front row patio table, which is a great section.

Water Sections

Consumption of food is not permitted on the water.

Dance Floor Water Couch (10 People)


For those thar want to be the center of attention, these 2 dance floor water couches will accomplish just that. These used to be center lily pads, but now they are prime located L-Couches in the ankle-deep water platform.

Water Couches - (10 people)


These centrally located tables, in our opinion at Vegas VIP Services, are the best seats in the house. You have a spacious, shallow pool floor surrounded by a comfortable L-Couch. The shallow pool floor drops into the main pool a few feet from the table, and the hundreds of party-goers are raging to the tunes. You are the center of attention at these spots, and they are definitely worth the steep minimums.

Center Pool Lily Pads - (6 people)


These lily pads are circular-shaped daybeds with an umbrella extension to provide shade from the burning desert sun. There is a total of 6 in the center, 3 to the right of the DJ, and 3 to the left. These typically require a higher minimum spend since you're closer to the action and in the center of the pool. They can comfortably seat 4 to 6 people and sit in the shallow pool floor with the drop-off into the main pool a few feet away.

Lily Pads - (6 people)


There are 16 other Lily Pads that surround the entire outline of the pool, 8 on the south and 8 on the north ends. They seat 4 to 6 people and sit in the shallow portion of the pool.

Encore Beach Club Bottle Service Menu for 2024

For the ultimate clubbing experience in Las Vegas, opt for bottle service. Every table reservation has a minimum spend requirement. You can order bottles from the menu (and food) that will be applied to your requirement. Several perks come with table service – a dedicated cocktail server who will prepare and pour your drinks, standard mixers and garnishes, a busser to keep your table clean and stocked, Security to keep your area secure, a safe place to store your belongings, and a place to relax and socialize.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Pool Packages


Typically, men book bottle service, and we book a ton of bachelor parties at EBC. We have some fantastic packages that include limos, brunch, and the infamous Las Vegas strip clubs. So, if you're looking for a package deal or a straight bottle service minimum, we can make that happen. As a bonus, we always do our best to try to get some Vegas girls to your table. Atmosphere models and Vegas girls have been my unique selling proposition for years.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Pool Party Packages


Not to forget about our favorite ladies, we book a surprising amount of bachelorette parties at EBC. Ladies love cabanas and daybeds. Occasionally, we also offer services to help get the ladies just past the VIP ropes. So, if you're interested in a bachelorette package deal with a drag brunch, all-you-can-eat-and-drink dinners, limos, and a male strip club or Vegas male revue, let us know, and we'll make your bachelorette party epic!

Final Word on Encore Beach Club from Brian Pfeiffer


EBC is the definitive beach club in Las Vegas. It has every attribute and amenity to provide an unforgettable atmosphere and party. Overall, EBC is very expensive, extravagant, and obnoxious in every way, from the entry price to the food, drinks, and bottles, but if that doesn't bother you and you can muster up the dollars to go big, then Encore Beach Club is by far the place to be. As much as I'd like to go back 15 years when there was only one pool party in Las Vegas, Rehab, and everybody there was amazing, we can't. But the closest thing at this time is the Encore Pool Party. Management brings in fantastic DJ talent, and if you get table service, you can typically meet some attractive people. Yes, the cost of a bottle is about $1350 with tip and tax, but the party is good enough to get away with it! 🍾 If you're into EDM or occasional hip hop act or just the scenery for the day, then we encourage you to join us. The crowd is mixed and might skew a little bit to the Asian side. This pool party will go head to head with the new TAO Beach, AYU Dayclub, LIV Beach, Marquee Dayclub, Stadium Swim, Wet Republic, and Drai's Beachclub. The venue is one step up from Daylight Beachclub, Liquid Pool Lounge, Azilo Ultra Pool, Soak Pool, and Flamingo Go Pool, but only time will tell if one of the above can edge out the KING of pools in Sin City!


I look forward to booking your table at EBC! 🍾 If you are looking for a topless pool, check out Sapphire Pool, or Moorea Beach Club. These adult-oriented pools offer the ladies "toptional" sunbathing. 🌞



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