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If you're looking for a good time that's complete insanity, you can find it in one of the many nightclubs Las Vegas has to offer. A phone call to Vegas VIP Services at +1 (702) 933-8997 will set you up with one of our VIP Hosts who can assist you in selecting the perfect club based on your music tastes, scenery preferences, and budget. Below are some tips of what to expect in your average club. You should know what to wear, how much you should expect to spend, how long you should expect to wait in line, etc.

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Guys vs. Girls

First of all, a group of girls is going to have a much easier time entering a Vegas club than a group of guys. And a group of hot girls will have it even easier. Las Vegas Clubs want hot women inside because there's simply no better draw to a club than hot women. Guys prefer seeing a bunch of women inside and for some reason women prefer seeing a bunch of other women inside, too. In short, customers do not want a club that looks like a meat market. So, if you're a guy with a group of guys, you're going to have it a bit rough trying to get in. A VIP Host will insure you get a speedy entry, but more on that later.

Dress Code

vegas clubs bottle service Bottle Service at Table

Dress codes at Vegas nightclubs vary, but a simple rule is that you need to look good. No athletic wear, no sweats, no tennis shoes, no oversized jeans, no ball caps. If you're a man, don't wear a shirt that bears your shoulders. If you're a woman, definitely wear a top that bears your shoulders.

For guys – jeans are acceptable as long as they look stylish. They shouldn't be tattered and torn. They shouldn't be too baggy. Dress pants are acceptable. A tee-shirt is generally a no-go, but if you wear a nice sports coat over a nice tee-shirt, that will pass. Collared shirts are good. You need to wear dress shoes, as tennis shoes are too casual. Hats are good if they're stylish looking pimp hats, but baseball caps are out.

For the ladies – you surely have some slutty outfits in your closet and you should definitely wear one of those to a Vegas venue. There's really nothing that's too outrageous for a night spot. For a classier look, try focusing on one asset. If you're wearing a super short skirt, highlight your legs and be a little more conservative with exposing your chest. If your outfit doesn't leave a lot to the imagination around your midriff and cleavage, wear a skirt that covers up more than the top of your butt cheeks.

Drink Prices

Drinks in Las Vegas clubs are not cheap. Below is an average price of beverages if ordered from a bartender at the bar:

  • Domestic Beer: $7-$10
  • Import Beer: $8-$14
  • Mixed Drinks: $12-$20
  • Exotic Mixed Drinks: $15-$20
  • Specialty Shots: $13-$18
  • Cognacs: $15-$20
  • Red Bull Drinks: $14
  • Bottled Water: $7-$12
  • Bottle Service (per bottle, e.g. Gray Goose or equivalent): $300-$600

A better alternative may be to order bottle service. Not only will you bypass the long lines at the bar, but you may end up saving money in the long run. When ordering bottle service, you're doing just that – buying drinks by the bottle. The club charges around $500 per bottle of alcohol, depending on the brand and type of liquor, and provides you with unlimited juice and soda mixers. You get your own private table and a cocktail server who will pour your drinks for you. Minimum bottle requirements depend on the spot and the number in your group.

Waiting in Line

Club Girls

Weekends are prime time in Las Vegas and wait times at Vegas night clubs can be ridiculous. Even if you arrive early to secure your place in line, you may be quite frustrated watching other groups skip past you in line. If another group obtained the services of a VIP Host, they will bypass the line. If there's a group of ultra-hot girls who enter the line behind you, it's not uncommon for the bouncers to pull them out of the line and escort them into the club in front of your party. What conventions are in town that weekend? Is it a holiday weekend? Is there a fight or a major sporting event or a Chinese holiday? What celebrities will be at the club that night? There are so many variables, that it's difficult to give you a true estimate of wait times at each club. Basically, the more desirable the club, the more difficult it is to get in. And these days in Las Vegas, there are quite a few desirable clubs.


Our business at Vegas VIP Services is to provide you with a VIP Host to ensure your Las Vegas nightlife experience runs flawlessly. We are the regulars at clubs in Las Vegas who have built relationships with the various clubs around town, especially the ones hard to get in. We transfer this relationship to you. Because we are with you, because we are guiding your party to the front door, you will receive exceptional service. You won't wait in line. You won't be hassled for additional tips. You will get the best cocktail service. You will get the best treatment.

We are not attempting to scare you with stories of long lines and difficulty in entering clubs. We have built our business around regular customers – those who are satisfied with the service we provide and return again and again. Sure, you can get into clubs without a VIP Host. Maybe it'll take an hour of waiting, maybe it'll take three hours of waiting. Your time is valuable. Vegas VIP Services realizes that and we will maximize your time inside of the Las Vegas night clubs, rather than waiting to enter. Call Vegas VIP Services at +1 (702) 933-8997 to book your next Las Vegas party weekend.

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