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Bachelorette Party, Stagette Party, Hen Party – whatever name you elect to call it, it means the same thing… It is the bride-to-be’s last hurrah before her wedding day. It’s a time for friends, fun, and craziness. And there is no better place to party than Las Vegas.

A typical Bachelorette Party weekend begins on Friday evening and ends Sunday afternoon. If you can do a long weekend – great. You can fit a lot of additional Vegas fun into another day. We guarantee that you won’t do everything in Vegas that you want to do in one short weekend, but you can certainly try…

male revue

Bachelorette Party

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfers
  • Pole Dancing Class
  • Chippendales Show Ticket
  • Tao Bottle Service
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male revue

Final Flying

  • VIP Host
  • VIP Entry to Chateau
  • Chipendales preferred tickets
  • No Line, No Cover
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Most everybody is keen on the concept that the bachelorette party is typically the bride-to-be's last night of single freedom before tying the knot. Since this knowledge is fairly well known, it's also customary for the party to take on a rather naughty, tempting, or exciting aura. The problem arises when you're in charge of the party and you can't quite pinpoint how you want the evening to go for your friend / sister. You're thinking a night at the clubs, but how do you arrange for over a dozen people to get into the same club? Which club do you even choose – being Las Vegas, your choices are quite abundant. Riding in on its white horse is Vegas VIP Services and its numerous bachelorette party packaged deals.

magic mike

Take It All Off !

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Hangover for Girls

  • VIP Host
  • Limo Transfers
  • Dinner at Firefly
  • Unlimited Tapas & Shanria
  • Drai's Nightclub Bottle Service
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Ladies, Chippendales or Magic Mike are MUST DO attraction and a package deal without it is not complete, check out what Chippendales have to say about how to plan bachelorette party in their website.

Just because you know what you want to do doesn't mean it's easy to execute. With a Vegas VIP Services package deals, you'll be able to make one simple phone call and have to worry about nothing else until the night of. Is the bachelorette into watching a group of hunky men strip down to their skivvies for sheer entertainment? The aptly named bachelorette party package provides the much sought after entertainment of the Chippendales stage performance at the Rio. Starting with limousine service that picks the party up at most locations within the city of Las Vegas, the night starts off with a brief introduction into the world of pole dancing with one of the city's popular pole dancing classes. You'll learn the ropes and practice your newfound skills before being carted off to watch a whole new class of strip tease on the Rio's main stage. Once the men of Thunder from Down Under perform their last hip gyration, the party will be treated to VIP entry into the Venetian's exquisite TAO nightclub, where premium bottle service and private seating will await.


Similar to the stagette package "Take It Off", a night affair that is sure to get all girls involved hot and bothered. Following the schedule that starts with a pole dancing class and sounds off to tickets to the Chippendales male revue, "Take It Off" exchanges the last venue from an elegant nightclub to an erotic strip club. Crazy Horse III is one of Sin City's premier spots, offering up a male revue known as the Kings of Hustler. If you thought Chippendales was a show, wait till you see these men bare all in a raunchy display of female entertainment.

For that late night extravaganza across town, you may want to treat the bachelorette to the "Final Fling" package. Packed with VIP entry to two of Sin City's hottest nightclubs, Surrender, Intrigue and XS, this package is the pinnacle of an amazing evening in the city. No cover charge; no waiting in line – what better gift could you give to the lady of the hour than a VIP status in this two premium joints?

Nobody likes partying on an empty stomach, which is why we offer the "Hangover for Girls" package. Start your evening off with a limousine ride to one of Sin City's five-star restaurants. Wine and dine with your closest friends before taking off for the evening's close at Haze nightclub, where you'll be treated to another round of beverages.

These all inclusive packages are bound to make the evening a memorable one, ensuring that the bachelorette will not regret putting you in charge. Just give us a call, and you'll be enjoying Las Vegas the way it was meant to be enjoyed in no time.