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The Palms may best be known for its affiliation with the Playboy name – mostly due in part to the infamous bunny logo plastered on the side of the resort – but there is plenty more to this high rise than a dependency on Hugh Heffner's enterprise. If you've ever been in the vicinity of the Playboy Club, you may have noticed an escalator that goes up to what may have been assumed to be a private extension of the club. At the top of this ride, though, is another of the Palms premier properties – Moon. Acting as the resort's "go to" place for a night of close dancing, Moon is the perfect compliment to the lounge-feel of the Playboy Club.

Right off the bat, Moon stands out from its fellow nightclubs with just one feature. Overhead, patrons can be treated to a dizzying view of the star-lined sky when the club utilizes its retractable roof. During a full or harvest moon, this spectacular view will undoubtedly be the best one in the city – that is assuming you stop dancing long enough to take it in.

Most of the Palms' nightclubs take on an atmosphere more akin to a lounge, so if you're not used to stepping outside your comfort zone of a place like Ghostbar, Moon may be a bit of a shock. The soft hues of the club give it a modern feel that is only emphasized by the assortment of sleek, leather benches that flank the dance floor.

In regards to the dance floor, "madhouse" is the best way to describe it. On any average night, Moon's main floor will be jam packed with a sea of hot, sweating bodies, all just hoping to get the most out of their night. The general rule of thumb at this club is that once you're on the dance floor, getting off is a matter of pushing slowly through the crowd. Typically, it's a lot easier to just stand your ground and wait for a break in the thick crowd to form.

Moon is a two-story venue, with the second story acting as the club's VIP section. During VIP events, a trip up a spiral staircase will pit you in the midst of the exclusive action taking place on the second floor of this hot event space. Celebrity guest appearances and a private bar make up the focal points at the top of the staircase.

When the action of the club starts to get to be a bit too much for you, you can venture your way out onto the club's balcony area. While you may be separating yourself from the action a little bit, the breathing room and breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Valley more than make up for the slight distance from the club's central party.

Though you won't feel weightless during your time at Moon, you will find yourself having a rather celestial experience. Once the roof retracts to let in that refreshing cool breeze, the overhead glow of the stars and moon let you know that the party is just getting started.

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Moon review
As high as Moon
Moon Nightclub is a lot better than I expected, connected to Playboy Club if you want to gamble. Especially summer nights are so pleasant.
Moon review
As high as Moon
Moon is the exclusive penthouse nightclub located in the Palms Fantasy Tower just above the Playboy Club. The floor is tiled with shimmering glass of various shapes and sizes which change color as club-goers slide across them. The club's main room has a retractable roof that opens to provide an intense view of the stars. When the ceiling is closed, it doubles as a large video screen, flashing footage of current club patrons dancing the night away.