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CHATEAU Nightclub Bottle Service

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Paris Las Vegas
House, Main Stream Hip-Hop, Top 40, Mash-ups
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, 10:30 pm - 4 am.
Dress Code:
No tennis shoes, hats, T-shirt or baggy pants.
Line Wait:
Up to 2hrs
Local Night:
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+1 (702) 933-8997


Bottle Service

Bottle Service

  • Limo pick-up from your hotel
  • Bottle Service and hosted VIP entry to the nightclub
  • Limo transfer to a hot gentlemens' club
  • VIP entry with table at the strip club
  • All Inclusive
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VIP Service Package

Nightlife VIP Service

  • Limousine transportation
  • Dining at Gordon Biersch with set menu & 2 hours unlimited beer.
  • VIP table service at the nightclub
  • VIP entry to one of the hottest strip club
  • All inclusive
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Chateau VIP tables
Chateau Nightclub

Chateau Nightclub is one of the top clubs in Las Vegas with a 65,000 square foot and a $40 million project designed by intensifying talent of Amy Kim of AK Design Network, that is indeed wonderful and which brings about a fresh facet of Vegas nightlife with its first-rate center-strip locality, awe-inspiring patios and prolific furnishings. The terrace's view is unsurpassed by whichever other location in the city, charisma located unswervingly across from the torrents of the Bellagio which has the world-renowned water shows which takes place every 30 minutes. It brings into play the guests of Chateau to party in the startling water show with lucid sight. The venues could manage liberally; however as a substitute, all are amazingly entwined with guests being capable to initiate out the night with blend at the casino bar then head to the brassiere and chocolate session room prior to striking to the nightclub and alcoholic drink gardens afterward in the nightfall.

As a guest, you can as well discover exceptional upward twisted staircase which will escort the guests to Chateau's second floor entrance hall illuminating a classy interior glitzy-type enthused by factors of mature world embellishment combined with contemporary French replica, drenched with dark shades of blue, refined brass varnish and blazing red accents, the fashion-forward blueprint integrates a profusion of mirrors all through the 15,000 square foot interior leaving traces of expressions crossways the ceilings, bar tops, fences and moldings. And there is also a set of glass elevators that will accompany the guests up and about to the Chateau Gardens, an open-air nightclub highlighting the delightful foliage and splendid haven and is located openly underneath Paris Las Vegas exact copy of the world's superb Eiffel Tower. Moreover, flamboyant chandeliers and bunches of hand-made radiant furniture motivated via historic grandfather globes will enlighten the nightspot, while strips of fulsome VIP booths further augments Chateau's current epoch sense. The foremost central position, a 10 foot high limestone mantel hearth, will enclose the eminent DJ cubicle presenting notorious and well known DJs from far above the ground as they whirl an assorted mix of dance, hip-hop, house, and mainstream tune. Following the DJ booth, a superlative LED display straddling the measurement lengthwise of the wall, will brook exhilarating and electrifying audio-visual mash-ups as partygoers bop the night away.

Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas

Chateau Terrace will provide accommodation both the need for drinks and the enthusiastic craving of guests as they have their area of expertise when it comes to cocktails and so with chocolate desserts that are mouth-watering. The Chateau nightclub is open in nights every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday while the beer garden will be open on a daily basis. This club does not implement any strict dress code aside from wearing any ball caps, sporty attire or sneakers; you can be dressed in anything as long as it is fashionable and stylish. You can pay via ready money or else major credit cards. If ever you ran out of cash, you need not to worry since you can find accessible ATM inside Paris. So why opt for other nightclubs when in fact, Chateau makes the name out of their popularity, enjoy and experience a lot of night life.

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Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas 4.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews

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Chateau review
from Paris

Chateau Nightclub Review by Jean. on Mar 22: Very Romantic
Beautiful garden overlooking strip where you can watch spectacular Bellagio fountain show, inside the club not that impressive, small but good crowd. Loved the patio.

Rating: 4.0