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Bottle Service

Bottle Service

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1OAK Nightclub

Over the past year, it seemed almost ludicrous that anybody would think to open a business in Las Vegas. With unemployment sky-rocketing and the already-in-place establishments suffering through a declining economy, it seemed like a suicide move to even consider taking up shop in Sin City. So, it comes as a shock that the next big set to open on the Strip is something that there is certainly no shortage of.

Recently, the Mirage witnessed the closing of its headline nightclub, JET. What may have seemed like a move forced by poor economic status is in actuality a push for more revenue. In an effort to bring a little bit of the Big Apple nightlife to Sin City, the crew behind the 1OAK night club in New York City partnered with Las Vegas' Light Group to turn the space occupied by JET into an unexpected experience. In response to being questioned on opening a new establishment in Vegas' failing economy, 1OAK owner Scott Sartiano stated "There are actually multiple nightlife venues there that are currently thriving. Not everyone is making money but plenty of people are".

In New York, 1 OAK (which stands for 1 of a Kind) is known for its intimate and unique atmosphere, which comes as a far cry from Las Vegas' crowd-focused club life. To say bringing 1OAK Nightclub to Las Vegas is ambitious would be an understatement. While New York is known for its laid back attitude when it comes to club atmosphere (with most of its club's mirroring lounges), Las Vegas is infamous for rivers of alcohol, loud music, sweaty bodies, and large crowds. Since the intimate affair that Club 1OAK New York offers may not follow the Las Vegas norm, Sartiano and crew will be toning down the intimacy and turning up the party atmosphere – but very subtly. "[O]n Vegas' scale, it will still be smaller and more intimate than other clubs currently operating there", Sartiano says.

1OAK Nightclub

Though there has been no official word as of yet, Vegas club goers can expect the new 1OAK night club to offer the same basic drink menu. 1 OAK's New York menu includes higher end liquor, domestic and foreign beer, champagne, wine, sake, and specialty mixed beverages. The mood at 1OAK is immediately set by its off-beat décor and dimmed lighting. Typically, the night remains fairly calm and collected, but with the crowd of Las Vegas drunkards, things may get a little more wild then what 1OAK is used to.

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1OAK Nightclub Las Vegas 4.0 out of 5.0 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews

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1OAK review
Mark F.
from CA

1OAK Nightclub Las Vegas Review by Mark F. on Sap 25:
Hope this will be as good as NYC version
1OAK may be taking its chances by coming to Sin City, but its differing personality may be its selling point. With the numerous loud and crowded clubs in Las Vegas, a smaller and more intimate affair may be exactly what the city needs to continue offering something for everybody. Sartiano and crew are looking for a successful grand opening on New Years Eve 2011, the perfect occasion to show off 1OAK's intimate style.

Rating: 4.0