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Men of Sapphire MALE REVUE

3025 Industrial Road Las Vegas, NV 89109
Show Times:
Fri. & Sat. 10pm to 2am
For Ladies over 21 Only
+1 (702) 933-8997


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Men of Sapphire Show Las Vegas
Men of Sapphire

Billboards plastered throughout the city would easily lead any newcomer to the city to believe that Las Vegas is simply built on the male sexual drive. Half naked women adorn electronic signs, signage attached to vehicles, and those little pamphlets littered along Las Vegas Boulevard. At closer inspection, though, it is easy to see that Sin City thrives off of the preferences of all genders. Though they may be hidden, Las Vegas is home to many different shows geared towards the female crowd. Sapphire Gentleman’s Club is amongst the few strip clubs that offer a male review to bring in a female cliental.

The Men of Sapphire, the infamous male review at Sapphire Gentleman’s Club, offers up everything a regular strip show does with a nice little twist to the way it’s presented. While female strippers focus on their assets to draw the attention of the crowd, the Men of Sapphire utilize a few stage-show tricks to ensure a packed audience. An array of flashing lights kick off the start of the show as the performers work their way through the audience to rile the crowd up. It is from this opening act that the Men of Sapphire stretches beyond a typical strip tease. Everything on stage is done with some form of flare or showmanship.

One thing that all strip teases and strip shows incorporate into their basic theme is the idea of the sexual fantasy. While men tend to have simpler fantasies that tend to be easily portrayed by the nude figure of a gorgeous gal, an audience of woman may be a bit harder to please. To let these screaming women live out their wildest fantasies, the Men of Sapphire take on different roles throughout the performance. One of the most well known fantasies of most women is the man in uniform, and Sapphire delivers on it ten-fold. A marine shows what his hands can do with a few flashy spins of his rifle while a hunky fireman will succeed only in adding onto the growing fire in the room. Other costumes include a champion hip-hop dancer, the much sought after construction worker, and the heroic cowboy all make appearances on stage to tease the audience into submission.

Men of Sapphire show
Men of Sapphire Show

Prior to the start of the show, fellow guests have the ability to advise the DJ of any bachelorette or birthday girls in their party. For a little extra dough up front, the lucky lady of honor can either be pulled on stage for a risqué public performance or pulled aside for a rather unmentionable private dance. Taking tips from a typical strip show, the Men of Sapphire will do anything that they legally can to collect a few extra dollars from the ladies crowding around the stage. Once the show comes to its conclusion, the men of Sapphire stick around and turn the Showroom into an all male strip club, complete with private lap and stage dances.

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Men of Sapphire Show Las Vegas 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews

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Men of Sapphire review
from OH
More Private
Because Men of Sapphire Show is performed inside the strip club, it adds more exciment to show, we got plenty of free lap dance.
Men of Sapphire review
Samantha D

Ladies, the strip clubs haven't forgotten about you! While most male review shows only feature an on-stage performance, the Men of Sapphire offers Vegas's only choreographed show with a lap dance. So you can watch those hot bodies in action – then feel them pressed against you.
Men of Sapphire review
Taylor G.

The Men of Sapphire isn't a place to bring your grandma… or your grandpa either. It's not the “good, clean fun” atmosphere of the other shows in town. This show is daring and naughty. No males allowed in the showroom – this is ladies night only.
Men of Sapphire review
Litzco W.

You're in Vegas to make the most of your Bachelorette's remaining days as a single, independent woman, so party right. Treat her to a hot night with the hottest male bodies in town.